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  • Current High School Student

    If you are a current high school student, North offers you a variety of opportunities:

    Attend college simultaneously via Running Start

    Take college classes while still finishing your high school diploma through Running Start.

    Students Under 18

    Special admission on a course-by-course basis. If not enrolling in Running Start, you are required to complete the Underage Exception to Policy Application.

    High School completion

    If you are 19 or older, you can earn your high school diploma in a college setting. Apply now AND read about high school completion.

  • Transfer Student

    Beginning your 4-year education at North Seattle Community College is solid preparation for a bachelor’s degree. North offers excellent academic preparation, abundant resources and small classes, as well as the economic benefit of lower tuition for the first 2 years of your undergraduate education.

    You’ll get great help in your transfer planning from NSC advisors and resources, and North strives to make financing an education workable for every student. Many NSC students transfer to the University of Washington. In fact, North consistently ranks among the highest of all community colleges in the state in the number of students who transfer to UW Seattle. And NSC graduates fare well as transfers, performing as well academically as their counterparts who begin at a baccalaureate school.

    Apply now AND explore our transfer programs.

  • Bachelor Degree Seeking Student

    North Seattle College has Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in:
    *NEW* Residential & Commercial Property Management
    Early Childhood Education
    Application Development and
    International Business

  • Career Training & Enhancement

    Begin a new career or develop/enhance your professional or technical job skills with North Seattle Community College’s Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees and occupational certificates. These programs train you in high-demand careers, building on current experience or preparing you for a new field.

    Apply now  AND explore specific Career Training Program certificates and degrees.

    Take Continuing Education  non-credit and non-graded courses designed to help you explore personal interests and provide another alternative for upgrading business skills. 

    Not sure? Browse the Seattle Colleges' College to Career site to explore career pathways.

  • Displaced Worker

    If you need basic skills or specific job training preparation to enter or reenter the work force, Workforce Education can help you, AND Apply now

  • Adult Seeking Personal Enrichment

    Academic Classes

    Take an academic class for personal interest. Apply now.

    Continuing Education

    For non-credit and non-graded courses designed to help you explore personal interests and provide another alternative for  upgrading business skills, see Continuing Education

  • e-Learning, Online Student

    North Seattle College proudly offers both credit and non-credit e-learning courses that require few (if any) on-campus visits. Online courses use computer technologies that translate traditional classroom instruction into learning in new and innovative ways. Classes are designed to provide close interaction with instructors when and where it best serves student needs. eLearning classes, however they utilize technology, are rigorous and cover the same material as on-campus classes.

  • ESL/Basic Skills Student

    Find out how North's ESL Program helps non-native speakers improve English communication skills.

  • Veteran/Military Student

    NSC’s Office of Veterans Services assists veterans, reservists, active duty personnel and eligible family members who receive Veteran's Administration education benefits. The office also verifies the state of Washington tuition reduction criteria for eligible veterans.

    Apply now AND visit the Office of Veterans Services 

  • Integrated Studies Student

    The Integrated Studies (IS) program at North Seattle College provides a rare opportunity to experience an innovative and dynamic learning environment not typical of most college courses. In integrated studies, you’ll explore a central theme from the perspective of different disciplines—two or more courses (8-15 credits) integrated into one learning experience.

  • Senior/Retiree

    As a senior or retired person, you can train for a second career, brush up on skills or take classes for fun – both credit and non-credit. 

    Apply now for credit classes.

    Check out the non-credit, non-graded courses/certificates offered through Continuing Education

    And, with certain restrictions, seniors may take or audit for-credit classes at a discount using the senior tuition waiver

  • Eligible for State-Supported (Space-available) Tuition Waiver

    Find out if you are eligible for a state-supported tuition waiver, based on your work as a state government or higher education employee, your veteran status, your senior status or your relationship to a deceased or disabled law enforcement officer or fire fighter.