Admissions Application

Applying online is simple, fast and free! Domestic students, apply via the Web Admissions Center or download (PDF) and submit, either: USPS mail in to North Seattle College Admissions & Registration, 9600 College Way North, Seattle, WA 98103 or email to or

Be sure to include an email address to receive your acceptance message and student ID number.

Note: Out-of-state students should read the state compliance policy before applying.

Note: If you are a new to Washington state, please see the following page: For those undocumented citizens affected by the HB1079 legislation, see the residency affidavit.

Undocumented students may qualify for the lower resident tuition rate as well as financial aid. If you are an undocumented student who has lived in Washington for at least 3 years before completing high school or the equivalent, see the residency affidavit.

If not applying online, come to the Admissions/Registration Office on campus for great in-person attention. (You can also apply online using our computer kiosk stations available in the admissions area.)

See Campus Map for campus and visitor parking information.

Under 18 and have not earned a high school diploma or GED? Apply for Running Start. Or continue your application process AND, if not enrolled in Running Start, request an exception to the NSC admissions policy by Applying as an Underage Student.

Health and Medical and I-BEST programs may require acceptance into their programs prior to enrollment. Contact for more info on I-BEST. Students interested in these programs may apply to the College at any time.

What’s next? ENROLL as a student.