Counseling offers students short-term, goal-focused counseling helping students to:

Identify career interests and select academic programs – Click here.

  • • Take interest inventories and use other career identification tools.
  • • Investigate academic majors, programs of study, and fields of employment.

Strengthen study skills – Click here.

  • • Improve concentration and memory
  • • Improve test-taking skills
  • • Manage test anxiety

Locate resources and manage stressful situations – Click here.

  • • Manage time and stress more effectively
  • • Manage crisis
  • • Locate referral resources

Making an Appointment

The Counseling front office (Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) is located in Student Success Services, north end, second floor of the College Center Building (CC2345). Or, you may call (206) 527-3676.  If a counselor is not immediately available, office staff will schedule the earliest appointment convenient for you.

Your First Appointment

In your first meeting with a counseling faculty member, you will discuss your situation and possible ways to reach your goals. If you are exploring career possibilities, you may decide to take a career interest inventory. There is a fee for these inventories. At the end of your counseling meeting, you and the counselor may decide to make another appointment to continue working together.


Counseling discussions are confidential.
Counseling faculty will not disclose information you have shared unless:

  • • you give your written consent;
  • • the information concerns certain crimes or possible harmful acts toward self or others;
  • • the information concerns abuse of a vulnerable person such as a child or elderly person;
  • • if subpoenaed in a court of law.

Counselor Qualifications

At NSC, Counselors are faculty members with doctorate degrees in counseling. Beyond their four-year bachelor’s degrees, they have completed graduate-level programs in counseling and have worked in university and college counseling centers. The counselors are:

  • • Jenny Mao, Ph.D
  • • Lydia Minatoya, Ph.D

North counseling faculty follow the ethical standards of the American Psychological Association/American Counseling Association.


  • Contacts:
  • Lydia Minatoya, PhD, 
  • Counseling Faculty
  • (206) 934-3676
  • Jenny Mao, PhD, 
  • Counseling Faculty
  • (206) 934-3676
  • Hours: M - F, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • No counselors are available during quarter breaks and summer quarter.
  • For life-threatening situations, call 911. 
  • Seattle/King County Community Crisis Clinic
  • 24-hour community crisis line
  • (206) 461-3222
  • Location:
  • CC 2346A (Student Success Services Area)