Learn Skills to Succeed in College 

The Counseling faculty at North Seattle College can help you identify your goals and learn skills to succeed in college and beyond. 

Identify Career Interests & Academic Programs

Make an individual appointment with a counseling faculty member to explore your career interests or enroll in Career Planning (HDC100), a for-credit Human Development course. Counseling faculty can help you use standardized career interest inventories and other resources to identify and plan your goals. Find out more...

Strengthen Study Skills

If you want to improve your test-taking, concentration, memory and other study skills, call (206) 934-3676 to make an appointment with a counseling faculty member. Enroll in a Human Development course on student success skills or explore resources available through these pages. Find out more...

A video clip on Managing Mid-Quarter Stress can be viewed by clicking the image found at:

Samford University offers a series of videos on “How to get the Most Out of Studying” at:

Locate Resources & Manage Stressful Situations

Counseling faculty can help you locate resources and learn skills to improve time-management , cope with stress or deal with a crisis. Learn more about mental health topics by visiting the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Web site or by taking a brief, descriptive mental health self-assessment survey online. Find out more...

A video clip on Managing Mental Health Concerns can be viewed by clicking the image found at:

HDC Courses

Counseling faculty members teach credit-granting Human Development courses (HDC) on topics such as career planning, student success and math success. Find out more...

Guest Teaching & Campus Consultation

Counseling faculty can provide referrals and guest lectures on a variety of topics, including time and stress management, study skills, career planning, cultural identity and creative writing.

Counseling Contacts

Lydia Minatoya, PhD,
Counseling Faculty
(206) 934-3676

Jenny Mao, PhD,
Counseling Faculty
(206) 934-3676

Hours: M - F, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
No counselors are available during quarter breaks and summer quarter.

For life-threatening situations, call 911. 

Seattle/King County Community Crisis Clinic
24-hour community crisis line
(206) 461-3222

Counseling is located in the Student Success Services Area


CC 2346A (Northwest section of the East wing of the College Center, 2nd floor)
Northwest section of the East wing of the College Center, 2nd floor


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