Veterans & Military Services

The Office of Veterans Services at North Seattle College offers a range of assistance to veterans, reservists, active duty personnel and eligible family members who receive Veteran’s Administration education benefits.

We provide help with any issues having to do with veteran status and serve as a resource for military personnel transitioning into civilian life.

We also offer certification services for anyone eligible for: Chapter 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill ® ; Chapter 30 Montgomery GI Bill ® ; Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation; Chapter 35/ Aid for Eligible Family Members and Chapter 1606/1607 Selective Reservists.

Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits

If you want to receive educational benefits through the VA, you must apply through the North Office of Veterans Services. We recommend that you apply as early as possible.  Please view step-by-step instructions on the “Veteran's Quick Start Guide” page.

If you are a veteran and a resident of Washington state, you may be eligible for a partial tuition waiver. Visit the North Office of Veterans Services for details. To use the waiver, you must see Veteran Program Manager, Gregg Tessensohn before the 10th day of the quarter.

Department of Defense Tuition Assistance

If you plan to use your DoD TA benefits, you must first discuss plans with your unit’s Educational Service Officer, prior to enrolling. Please view step-by-step instructions on the “DoD TA Enrollment Steps” page and read over the important information on the .

Other Assistance

Housing: We can provide information and contacts for VA housing and home-buying programs.

Employment: Tutoring and work-study jobs are available to some veterans. Visit the office to find out more.

Healthcare: We can provide contacts and referrals for health services, mental health professionals and counseling.

Rights for those Called to Active Service (RCW 28B.10.270)

Active Service for a Period Exceeding 30 Days

A member of the Washington national guard or any other military component who is a student at an institution of higher education and who is ordered for a period exceeding thirty days of either active state service or to federal active military service has the right to:

  • Withdraw from one or more courses for which tuition & fees have been paid;
  • Be given a grade of incomplete and be allowed to complete the course upon release from active duty under the institution's standard practice for the completion of incompletes; or
  • Continue and complete the course for full credit

If the student chooses to withdraw, the student has the right to be readmitted and enrolled as a student at the institution, without penalty or redetermination of admission eligibility, within one year following release from the state or federal active military service.

Active Service for a Period 30 Days or Less

If a member of the Washington National Guard or any other military reserve component is ordered to active federal service for a period of 30 days or less, and/or is scheduled for follow-up medical treatment for injury incurred during that service, and misses any of the following: class, test, examination, laboratory, class day on which a written or oral assignment is due, or other event upon which course grade or evaluation is based, the student veteran has the right to:  

  • Make up these events without prejudice to the final course grade or evaluation. The makeup must be scheduled after the member's return from service and after a reasonable time for the student to prepare for the event.
  • If the faculty member teaching the course determines that the student has completed sufficient work and has demonstrated sufficient progress toward meeting course requirements to justify the grade without making up the class, test, examination, presentation, or other event, the grade may be awarded without makeup.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at: