Parking & Transportation

Parking permits are required to park on campus

Get your permit here:

T2 Portal

North Seattle College is located in the Northgate/Licton Springs residential neighborhood. Motorists are urged to purchase a parking permit and to park on campus. Out of courtesy to residents of the Licton Springs neighborhood, please drive slowly through residential streets, lower the volume of stereos, and park on campus. If you must park on a city street, avoid a ticket and towing charges — abide by posted parking restrictions, do not park on lawns or planting strips, and do not block driveways. Note that city ordinance requires you be at least five feet from a driveway.

Parking in the neighborhood is restricted by a residential parking zone, and vehicles without the appropriate zone permit are limited to 2 hours parking in designated spots. Because of limited parking and environmental concerns North strongly encourages bicycles, carpooling, and bus transportation for students and employees.

Seattle Traffic code and 15 mph speed limit apply everywhere on campus.

Please Note:  Violators of these regulations and those of the City of Seattle are subject to citations and impound.