Parking & Transportation

Get your parking permit exclusively online!

We are not currently enforcing parking permits through citations, however, permits are still required for parking on campus regardless of the enforcement status. We are still working on the staff/faculty permits, so please obtain your permits once they become available for you. You will be notified via email when the staff/faculty permits become available.

Spring Quarter Parking Updates

  • North has completed the implementation of our License Plate Recognition (LPR) system on our campus. This will enhance the accuracy of permit enforcement and provide convenience for our students, staff, and faculty. No more waiting in line for permits!
  • North’s parking areas will be patrolled by Campus Security Officers more regularly to ensure permit compliance, as well as maintaining a more consistent presence for the safety of the students, staff, and faculty.
  • Permit enforcement will likely be postponed until sometime in February. This should give North’s students, employees, and faculty ample time to obtain their permits.
  • Effective immediately, perking permits are now available exclusively online from our new Parking Permit Portal, which is now live!
  • Permits are no longer be physical hangtags and are instead virtual permits linked to your vehicle’s license plate.
  • The daily parking rate will be increased from $6 to $10. The 2-hour rate has increased to $6. This will not affect quarterly permit rates, which can be viewed online. Quarterly rates will remain unchanged. The unchanged rates will remain as follows:

Quarterly Permit Rate – Full Time - >67%


Quarterly Permit Rate – Full Time – 50-66.9%


Quarterly Permit Rate – Full Time – 34-49.9%


Quarterly Permit Rate – Full Time – 0-33.9%


Quarterly Evening Permit Rate


Quarterly Reserved Rate


Quarterly Permit Rate - Student



  • We are still working on the Payroll Deduction process and expect it to be functional by February.
  • Staff and Faculty payroll deductions will resume immediately. The $0.01 fee will be adjusted and should be reflected on future paystubs.
  • The current WACs are in the process of being revised. The current WACs can be found online and the revisions will replace them when they are approved.

North Seattle College is located in the Northgate/Licton Springs residential neighborhood. Parking in the neighborhood is restricted by a residential parking zone, and vehicles without the appropriate zone permit are limited to 2 hours parking in designated spots. Because of limited parking and environmental concerns North strongly encourages bicycles, carpooling, and bus transportation for students and employees.

Buy your parking permit online! Get more information here about parking permits (currently unavailable).

Discounted bus passes and carpool permits are available for students and employees. Free, sheltered bike racks are conveniently located in various places throughout the campus.

Find directions for getting to the North campus and locating places on campus.