District TMP Fee

Transportation Management Plan

Why the TMP? 

The Commute Trip Reduction Law passed by Washington State Legislature and other Seattle City ordinances require all affected employers to encourage employees to find alternatives to drive-alone commuting. The primary purpose of the law, as well as of the local ordinances, is to improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion, and reduce energy consumption. By offering the Transportation Management Plan, as described above, all Seattle Colleges are complying with the law/ordinances. In addition to complying with the law, the Transportation Management Plan demonstrates our ongoing commitment to being a good neighbor in our community. Traffic congestion and air pollution are problems that will not get better unless everyone is involved in the solutions.


Employees who purchase an employee parking permit or employee Orca card are required to pay TMP fees.

The TMP fee ($10 per quarter) pays for the eligibility of the employee to: 

  • Purchase subsidized SCD-issued ORCA Card for $51+TMP fee ($250 value) 
  • Purchase a quarterly parking permit/carpool parking permit (price varies) 
  • Strictly for bikers/walkers---to utilize campus facilities for showering, and the opportunity to utilize a bike locker (fees apply) 
  • Receive limited quarterly free Parking Passes (only for eligible bikers/walkers alternate commuters) for parking at NSC only.
  • Utilize the Emergency Ride Home via ORCA program as necessary, if eligible (must have taken alternate transportation to work that day). 
  • Parking permits are valid at any of the other Seattle Colleges schools.  Please contact the Transportation Coordinator to borrow a hangtag permit for use at Central and South Campuses.
  • FT Faculty members working less than 50% in the summer are still eligible to purchase the ORCA Card for the discounted price of $51 and remain eligible for the Parking Passes if they are already eligible.

Important! No employees may purchase BOTH a parking permit and an SCD-issued ORCA Card in the same quarter.

Quarterly payment option: Full-time, Part-Time, and Temporary employees, including hourly staff and quarterly faculty, can purchase a quarterly parking permit through the T2 Parking Portal. Parking rates are based on an employee’s %FTE.  These employees will pay the $10 TMP fee, in addition to the price of the quarterly permit.

NOTE: Student employees (those who are enrolled for 6 or more credit hours) are NOT eligible to participate in the EMPLOYEE parking program.


All benefits eligible employees can now have their parking permit or ORCA Card fees deducted on a PRE-TAX basis. This option allows you to payroll deduct your fees on a pre-tax basis. You must elect whether to deduct your fees from your pre-tax income. When you elect to payroll deduct on a pre-tax basis, it reduces your taxable income. This allows you to realize savings in Federal income taxes, Social Security, and Medicare. Please be aware, however, that tax laws do not allow for a refund of the pre-tax parking or ORCA Card fees once deducted.

Payroll deduction option: Permanent employees of the college, including classified staff, full-time and continuing faculty (at 50% of employment or higher), administrators and managers, have the option of paying for the parking fee through payroll deduction. A portion of the parking fee (1/6th of the quarterly fee) is deducted each time you get a paycheck. Please contact Transportation Services Office in room CC2455D or at 206-934-0600 to request a payroll deduction application and parking permit.

For transportation purposes, a permanent employee is defined as an employee who is eligible for all fringe benefits, including medical and vacation. NOTE: All employees purchasing a parking permit are required to participate in the TMP program. You will be charged $10 per quarter in addition to the quarterly parking fee.


North Seattle Campus

Employee Quarterly Parking Rate 

Regular Employee %FTE

$ Per Quarter

0 to 33.9%

$40.00 + $10 TMP

34% to 49.9 %

$60.00 + $10 TMP

50% to 66.9% 

$80.00 + $10 TMP

67% or more

$120.00 + $10 TMP


Carpool Employee Rates

Part Time

Full Time 

Carpool Unreserved Space 


$65.50 + $10 TMP


Employee Quarterly ORCA Card ($250 value)

Any non-student employee

$51 +$10 TMP


TMP Fee*

*Transportation Management Fee

Part Time

Full Time 

All Employees