DSHS, Worksource, & OC Client Parking

Courtesy parking for DSHS, Worksource, & OC Clients is located in the Southwest lot.  Enter campus at College Way and N. 95th and the lot will be on your right. 

Visitors to the OC Building who park outside the Southwest Lot are required to purchase a day permit.

Visitors to the OC who have a disability placard or license plate may park outside the SW Lot only in designed handicap parking spaces without purchasing a day permit.

Visitor lots are reserved for prospective students and guests of the college. Visitors must purchase a current parking permit from the pay meter located in the South Visitor Lot near the N. 95th Street entrance. Current students and SCD employees must park in designated student and employee lots only. Current SCD permits from Seattle Central, South Seattle and SVI are valid in the general lots at North, but not in Visitor’s Lots.

All-day Parking Permits may be purchased for $10 and are available at one of 4 dispensers on campus for immediate use, (100th Street, North and South Visitor Lot, East lots).

The parking garage is for employees Monday through Friday.  Students are not allowed to park in the garage at any time. The garage closes Monday through Thursday at 10:30 p.m. and at 6:00 p.m. on Fridays.  The garage is closed all weekend.

pay station locations