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We are here to answer your questions about Workforce Education tuition assistance funding and guide you through our application process. What is tuition assistance? It is money that Workforce Education pays directly to the college to cover the cost of tuition and fees. Workforce Education may also provide a book voucher to cover the cost of your required textbooks. Workforce Education tuition assistance is money that you do not pay back.

Are you currently receiving Workforce Education funding? You can schedule a Zoom or phone appointment with your Workforce Education funding Specialist through email, phone or your Starfish account. New to Starfish? Please see the instructions here.

Are you new to Workforce Education? Or has it been over four quarters since you’ve received Workforce Education funding? Please read information below to see if you may qualify for funding and how to apply.

Take a look at the expandable Question and Answer section below to find out how to apply for Workforce Education funding, eligible program pathways, and funding information related to financial aid and resources.

Undecided? Workforce Education cannot fund undecided programs. Need help deciding on a program pathway? Please review this Career Exploration flyer for resources to explore your career interests, job training opportunities and wage information. Also see How Many Credits Should I Take? to consider personal time management and financial factors which may also guide your program pathway options.

Please start by taking the survey at to see if you prequalify for funding or may be considered eligible for funding. If you prequalify for funding, then you will continue through the survey prompts for a link to the online Workforce Education Funding Application; you must complete this application to be considered for funding. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information about our application process.

You can apply for Workforce Education funding before applying for financial aid. However, once you enroll into Workforce Education, you must complete the FAFSA or WASFA application within your first quarter to be eligible for second quarter funding.

If you are eligible for financial aid, Workforce Education funds will work to maximize the funding you receive from both sources to help cover for your school expenses. If you have specific questions about your funding for these sources, please contact your Workforce Education funding specialist.

You are responsible for submitting your financial aid application and all other necessary documents to the Financial Aid office or Workforce Education office to determine your funding eligibility for these separate funding sources.

If it has been longer than four quarters since you’ve received funding then you will need to restart the process by taking the survey at; see question above: Do I qualify for Workforce Education funding? Or how do I get started?

If you are unsure how long it has been since you last received Workforce Education funding, please get in touch with us. See Contact Us for options, or connect with us via Zoom (no video required); Zoom schedule and link also on the Contact Us page.

You can schedule an appointment with your Workforce Education funding specialist through email, phone or your Starfish account.

The Workforce Education team is here to help you be a successful student. Regardless of whether you are a new student or a returning student, we understand the importance of providing college navigation to address your needs beyond funding that also factor into your ability to succeed as a student. We will help you create a plan of the classes you’ll take to graduate, complete your financial aid application (FAFSA or WASFA), connect you to campus and community resources, provide you with a wide range of career services and more! See Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the resources that we offer.

More information about retraining options and funding here. See question above: Do I qualify for Workforce Education funding? Or how do I get started?

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions. Still have questions? See Contact Us for options to get your questions answered or use the Workforce Education Contact Form to submit a question.