The WorkFirst program provides tuition, fees and required textbooks for students who receive cash assistance from the DSHS Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, need training prior to working and have received approval to participate in WorkFirst from their DSHS case manager. To qualify for the WorkFirst program, you must enroll in an eligible training program and meet the eligibility criteria.

Do I qualify for the WorkFirst program?

  • You receive TANF cash assistance from DSHS
    • TANF must be open on the first day of the quarter to receive funding for that quarter
  • Your DSHS Case Manager has approved you to participate in WorkFirst
    • Your DSHS Case Manager must send an electronic referral to the WorkFirst Specialist
  • You understand that you will need to complete an Individual Responsibility Plan (IRP) for each quarter that you participate in WorkFirst
    • Your DSHS Case Manager must approve your IRP
  • You understand that you will need to submit weekly WorkFirst participation forms.

How do I apply for the WorkFirst program?

  1. Take the Start Next Quarter survey to check your funding eligibility; the survey is not an application for funding.
  2. If eligible for funding, you should receive a Results page that lists the funding program(s) for which you may qualify. Click the ‘GO’ button to be directed to the Attend a Workshop page.
  3. On the Attend a Workshop page, enter your contact information then click the ‘GO’ button to be directed to the Get in Touch page.
  4. The Get in Touch page includes information for the Workforce Education Application and link; click on the link to open the application.
  5. Complete and submit the North Seattle College Workforce Education Application. You should receive a confirmation email upon submission.
  6. The confirmation email also includes information about our review process and additional enrollment steps you can take while you await your eligibility email. If you cannot find a confirmation email, make sure to check your junk/spam and if needed update your email settings to prevent emails from us at going to your junk/spam.