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Spring Quarter 2022 – Student Service Hours

Virtual Assistance Zoom Hours
See Workforce Education Calendar below

In-Person Office Hours
Available by appointment Monday-Thursday from 10:00am-3:00pm
*See below for In-Person Assistance by Appointment instructions

Workforce Education staff are here to assist you and we provide various options for connecting with us. Our office communicates with students primarily through email and phone calls so make sure to keep us and your ctcLink account updated with this information.

Staff are available by email, phone and fax during office hours Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm. Please include your name and ctcLink ID number when emailing or leaving us a voicemail message.

Forms and documents may be submitted via email or fax. Please remove or cover all Social Security Numbers and include your name and ctcLink on your documents.

Phone: (206) 934-3787
Fax: (206) 934-0175

Our calendar includes virtual assistance hours via Zoom, in-person student service hours and office closures.

Our drop-in Zoom hours allow us to answer quick questions (10-15 minutes) about Workforce Education funding. Video is optional but you may be asked to provide your name, ctcLink ID number or show government issued identification prior to staff releasing personal information. No appointment necessary, join anytime during the hours listed below or on our calendar; hours may change without notice depending on staffing availability. 

If your question requires more time, we will assist you in scheduling a private follow-up appointment.

Instructions for how to join a Zoom meeting and additional Zoom resources

Drop-In Zoom Hours (10-15 minutes)

In-person assistance is available by appointment only.

Students receiving Workforce Education funding need to contact their funding specialist or specialists to request an appointment.

See WFE In-Person Instructions for current process.