Placement for Classes

During the NSC campus closure due to COVID-19, and until the campus reopens, the Testing Office will not be administering any in-person tests. Remote placement testing is currently available. Please refer to the information below for more details.

Do I Need Placement?

There are multiple placement options that can be used to determine placement into English and math classes, or classes that have English or math pre-requisites. 

You can see all the ways to place into English on the English Eligibility Form.

You can see all the ways to place into math on the Math Eligibility Form. For more information on using a Seattle Public School transcript for math placement please see the Seattle Public Schools Alternative Math Placement chart

If you still need English and/or math placement, follow the steps below.

Available Remote Testing

English DSP Tool (Directed Self-Placement)

Contact the Testing Office staff at to request access to the English DSP Tool (Directed Self-Placement).

  • Please provide your first/last name and ctcLink ID in your initial email.
  • $35 fee must be paid prior to taking the DSP.  Please notify the Testing Center if you’ve already paid for the Aleks Math Placement for the fee to be waived. 
    • Please note, your scores cannot be added to your student account if you have not made a payment for placement test fee. 
  • Contact the Testing Office via email once you have completed the English DSP test.

ESL Assessment

To enroll into ESL classes (English as a Second Language), you will need to complete the online ESL application here.

ALEKS Math Placement Test

The math placement test is currently being conducted via the Aleks Website.  Contact the Testing Center staff at to request access to the Aleks Math Placement Test.

  • Please provide your first/last name and ctcLink ID in your initial email.
    • If you have not activated your ctcLink ID, please visit the ctcLink Resources webpage.
  • Click here to obtain the math placement instructions.
  • Send your completed test scores to with your first/last name and ctcLink ID.
  • If you did not obtain a copy of your test scores, please notify the Testing Office staff via email and we will look up your test results.

Remote Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED