Placement for Classes

What Is Placement? 

Placement refers to “placing” into the right starting-level class for you. In other words, when you start at college, it’s important to find out what math or English classes you place into so that you are starting at the right level for your skills, knowledge, and confidence. Placing into the right class can set you up for success not only in the classes you first take, but in your future classes and progress toward your certificate or degree.  

Some classes at the college require placement (e.g., “readiness”) as a pre-requisite. It is thus important to determine your placement in the right math and English classes so that you know which classes you are ready to take first.  

Do I Need Placement? 

You may need placement if you are planning to take math or English classes at North. You may also need placement if you take other classes at North that require math or English placement as a pre-requisite (some examples include Communications, Computer Science, Chemistry, Economics, and others). 

There are multiple methods, or placement options, to determine your placement into English and math classes, or classes that have English or math pre-requisites. 

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