English & Math Co-Requisite Courses

What are co-requisite courses? 

A co-requisite course is a pre-college-level support course taken during the same quarter as a college-level course to help you succeed in the college-level course. This replaces the traditional method of having a prerequisite course you take the quarter before the college-level course. 

The co-requisite course model is a way for you to combine a pre-college course (such as ENGL 99, MATH 99) with a college level course (such as ENGL&101, MATH&107 or MATH&146) and complete both at the same time in a single quarter. This allows students to shorten their academic pathways so that they can complete their degree goals in fewer quarters. At North, this option is available for both English and Math classes. This means you can shorten your Math and/or English pathway and finish your degree faster – saving you time and money while receiving extra Math or English support. This replaces the traditional method of having a prerequisite course you take the quarter before taking the college-level course. 

How can co-requisite courses benefit me? 

  • Focused content covering only what is needed: A co-requisite course can teach you background material immediately before you need it in the college-level course. 
  • Saves time and money- A co-requisite + college-level course takes one quarter, instead of one quarter for the prerequisite course then another quarter for the college-level course 

 Why take a co-requisite with the college-level course instead of a “traditional” prerequisite the quarter before the college-level course? 

Taking a co-requisite class at the same time as a college-level course means you can complete your college-level English course pr math course in one quarter. On the other hand, taking a “traditional” prerequisite course requires you to complete that pre-requisite before taking the college-level course, which takes two quarters (one quarter for the prerequisite course and a second quarter for the college-level course). 

What are the co-requisite course options and how can I find out more information? 

NSC English Co-Requisite Courses are:

  • English 99 (which is paired with ENGL&101) 
  • English 197 (which can be paired with any college-level writing-intensive course) 
  • Learn more about English co-requisite courses here

NSC Math Co-Requisite courses are: 

  • MATH 99 (Essentials of Intermediate Algebra) plus Math& 107 (Math in Society) OR Math& 146 (Statistics).  The co-requisite course Math 99 (Essentials of Intermediate Algebra) replaces the prerequisite course Math 98 (Intermediate Algebra).
    *Note: Math 99 does not replace Math 98 as a prerequisite for any math, business, or science course except Math&107 and Math&146. 
  • Learn more about Math co-requisite courses here.