The Internship Web pages provide information for students and employers. Below you’ll find basic descriptive material about North Seattle College internships.

An internship is a structured, supervised non-traditional educational experience, both career-related and credit-bearing. Internships are a form of cooperative education — a collaborative relationship between a student, an employer and the internship instructor.

Students work with the internship instructor to define a set of program-specific learning objectives that they wish to accomplish during their internship. These objectives promote the integration of classroom theory with practice in the workplace.

Internships benefit students, employers, faculty members and the community. (See Benefits of Internships.) North has worked with a broad range of industry employers over the years.

Programs with Internships

North Seattle College has over 29 degree and certificate programs where students seek required or optional internships as part of their curriculum. These programs span a number of industries, including:

Information Technology
Real Estate

  • Internships are required for these programs:
  • Accounting (A.A.S.)
  • Administration Assistant (certificate or A.A.S.)
  • Advanced Customer Service (certificate)
  • Application Development (B.A.S.)
  • Basic Customer Service (certificate)
  • Bookkeeping (certificate)
  • Computerized Accounting Technology (certificate)
  • Communication, Business & Media (A.A.S.-T)
  • Entrepreneurship (certificate)
  • International Business (B.A.S.)
  • Nanotechnology (certificate or A.A.S.)
  • Project Management (certificate)
  • Internships are optional in these programs:
  • Architectural Engineering Drafting (certificate)
  • Business (A.A.S.)
  • Clinical Lab Assisting (certificate)
  • Communication, Business & Media (certificate)
  • Communication & Media Arts (certificate)
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (certificate)
  • Information Technology (certificate)
  • Medical Office Administration (certificate)
  • Medical Receptionist (certificate)
  • Network & Server Administration (AAS)
  • Real Estate (certificate or A.A.S.), Sales (certificate), Advanced Sales (certificate),  Escrow (certificate), Loan Originator (certificate), Property Management (certificate), Commercial (certificate), Commercial Real Estate & Investment (certificate)
  • Internship Requirements
  • Students are required to work 33 hours per credit, with a minimum 2-3 variable credit option, depending on the program. 
  • Internships must be related to the student's program of study.
  • Students must complete 45 credits or be within one quarter of graduating.
  • Instructor permission is required.

Paid or Unpaid?

Paid internships are the best option, and employers are always encouraged to pay interns at least the equivalent of the state minimum wage. However, many unpaid internships offer excellent learning opportunities as well as a way to get valuable experience in a desired career. Contact the internship coordinator for more information on paid and unpaid opportunities.