Overview and Benefits

An internship is a structured, supervised non-traditional educational work-based experience.  It is career related and can be credit-bearing but does not have to be. Internships are a form of cooperative education — a collaborative relationship between student, employer, and academic institution. With specific learning objectives identified, internships promote the integration of classroom theory with practice in a professional environment.

Internships benefit students, employers, faculty members and the community (Benefits of Internships.) North has partnered with a broad range of local, national, and international employers over the years in providing students with meaningful internship experiences.  Students have completed internships with nonprofit organizations, large and small local businesses, entrepreneurial internships as well as special projects on campus.

Programs with Internships

North Seattle College has many degree and certificate programs where students seek internships as a required or recommended part of their curriculum. While these programs are primarily within the Workforce Instruction Division, students from other academic disciplines can also complete internship for elective credit.  To find a fit for your individual internship needs, review the appropriate information tab on this page; contact the Internship Coordinator with additional questions.

Paid or Unpaid?

Paid internships are the best option for a variety of reasons.  Paid internships will generate more interest and enthusiasm among students than a similar unpaid position.  Pay also provides a more equitable opportunity that helps students cover everyday costs such as tuition, transportation, and other expenses.

While paid positions are preferred, many unpaid internships offer excellent learning opportunities and can provide valuable experiences for students seeking to gain experience. 

For information on Washington state rules governing paid and unpaid internships, visit the Labor and Industries website.