An internship is a structured, supervised non-traditional educational work-based experience. This type of experience enhances the learning process by promoting the application of classroom theory in a professional environment. Internship is cooperative education requiring a collaborative relationship between student, employer, and academic institution. North Seattle College has a long-standing internship program, fostering partnerships with local and national businesses and strong community connections.

Programs with Internships

North Seattle College has many degree and certificate programs where students seek internships as a required or recommended part of their curriculum. While required internships are found mainly within Workforce Instruction, students from any academic discipline can complete internships for experience or elective credit. Check the program offerings  page to see the range of programs at North. 

Handshake for Posting and Finding Internships

North Seattle College now has a job board platform for internship and employment opportunities called Handshake.  Students can go here to find current opportunities and employers can post positions.  Students and alumni access the site by using their email to set up a profile.  Employers complete a short registration before posting their positions. To learn more, go to: 

Paid or Unpaid?

Internships can be paid or unpaid. The view of North Seattle College is that paid internships are the best option for students. For employers, offering pay for internships will generate much more interest and enthusiasm among students than a similar unpaid position. Pay also offers a more equitable opportunity, helping students cover everyday costs such as tuition, transportation, and other expenses. 

While paid positions are preferred, unpaid internships can offer excellent learning opportunities. For information on Washington State rules governing paid and unpaid internships, visit the Labor and Industries website. 

Students, employers, the College and the greater community all benefit from an active internship program.  For specific information, select a tab on the left.