Student Information

Whether you are curious about internships and are just starting to investigate the process or you already know you will be completing one as part of your academic pathway, please take a few minutes to review the information on this webpage and in the Student Information Packet.

Benefits of Internship Participation

  • Develop skills, workplace responsibility and positive attitudes.
  • Take advantage of opportunities for leadership and career advancement.
  • Develop relationships with professionals in the community.
  • Gain practical work experience for a resume.


A number of programs partner with the Internship Office. To explore which programs have required or elective internships, see the list on the main internship page. You may also consult the specific web pages for the program in which you are currently enrolled to learn more about that program's requirements, registration and completion process.

You should download and complete a Student Intake and Inquiry Form if:

  •  you are interested in earning college credit for an internship experience but are not enrolled in one of the programs that offer internships.
  •  you have additional questions and would like the internship coordinator to contact you.
  •  you have secured an internship and would like information on registering.

Return Student Inquiry forms or send general inquiries to the Internship Office at:

Internship Documents

All internship experiences must be documented to earn credit. Critical documents to set up an internship are the Training Agreement and Position Description.  If you are offered an internship opportunity, these documents must be filled out before you begin interning. A complete list of required documents can be obtained from the Internship Coordinator upon approval of your internship.

Career Hub

Career Hub is a software database that gives you access to search a wide array of internship opportunities. Learn more about Career Hub and get information on training sessions.

Finding Internships

For resources on ways to locate or develop internships, check here.