If I lose my ORCA card, can I pay a fee and have the College replace it?
Unfortunately, the College cannot replace your ORCA or sell more than one to you per quarter.  Once a student purchases the card, we ask that each student register the card online, in order to protect it.  If a student loses their card, they should contact an ORCA customer service representative to block the lost card and obtain a replacement.  The College has no control whatsoever over the ORCA cards once the student purchases one.  To register the card online, please visit ORCA Customer Service.

Should I register my ORCA card?
Absolutely. Registered cards that are lost, stolen or damaged may be replaced by contacting ORCA customer service.

If I don’t use up the $250 on my ORCA pass by the end of the quarter does the remaining amount just “go away”?
At the end of the quarter, any unused portion of the ORCA is still available for your use for up to two years.

I am under age 19; my bus fare should be the cheaper youth rate. Why does the ORCA automatically charge the adult rate?
All ORCA cards automatically deduct adult fares. To be charged the youth fare, one must apply and register for a Youth ORCA card, which is not sold at the College. Youth ORCA cards require proof of age and can be purchased in person at ORCA customer service locations. Converting the funds from the ORCA card purchased at the College into the Youth ORCA card is possible only at the King Street Station; visit customer service at metro.kingcounty.gov for hours and directions.

How do I convert the $250 on my ORCA so I can buy monthly Puget Passes that provide unlimited trips during a month?
Students can use the funds on their ORCA to purchase the “monthly, unlimited-trips” Puget Pass by visiting an ORCA customer service station, located at the Westlake Center bus tunnel, or at the King Street Station downtown, Monday - Friday. Please visit customer service at: metro.kingcounty.gov for hours and directions.

Can I convert my ORCA to a Puget Pass at the cashiers office or at a retail outlet in QFC or Safeway?
No, not at this time. You can only convert your ORCA to a Puget Pass at the Westlake Center bus tunnel or the King Street Station.

Why can’t I convert my ORCA to a Puget Pass online?
The technology does not yet exist for individuals to convert ORCA card and Puget Pass types without the assistance of an ORCA customer service representative. The college cashiers are not ORCA customer service representatives. To find the ORCA customer service representative closest to you, visit: metro.kingcounty.gov  for hours and directions.

Why is the Seattle Colleges plan different from UW and other colleges in this area?
Increased transit costs and increased ridership required colleges and universities across the Puget Sound to modify transportation programs. Seattle Colleges assessed all options available and implemented the best program to meets the needs of their students and colleges. 

Where can I access more ORCA or Metro bus information online?
For ORCA information visit: orcacard.com
For King County Metro Transit information visit: metro.kingcounty.gov
For ORCA-Plus information visit: northseattle.edu/parking-transportation/bus-transit-options