Student Parking Permit

Parking permits are required to park on campus

Spring Quarter 2024 parking permits will be available March 18th for returning students and April 1st for new students.

Get your permit here:

T2 Portal

North Seattle College encourages students who drive to park on campus and not in the surrounding neighborhood.  Students can purchase quarterly parking permits online here. Do not create a guest account. You must be a currently registered student at North with all your outstanding fees from the prior quarter paid in full to be eligible.

Student quarterly permits will become available for purchase 2 weeks before the start of each quarter for returning students. New students may purchase parking permits beginning the first day of the quarter.

Parking permits are virtually linked to vehicle license plates and are valid immediately upon purchase. Students may register 2 vehicles to their permit account, but only one vehicle may be parked on campus at any time.

If a student has financial aid funding for a parking permit, they must visit the campus cashier to have their parking permit fees applied and then contact transportation office to have a parking permit assigned.

Where to Park

Student parking is located around the perimeter of the campus in the North Lot, NE Lot, East Lot, South Lot, SW Lot, and West Lot.  Students may not park in the Parking Garage, Loading Areas, Visitor Parking Lots, and OC Visitor Lots.  Students who need special parking accommodations should reach out to the Transportation office.

pay station locations

For a comprehensive list of parking rules and regulations, please see this WA state page.

Student Quarterly Parking Rates

TypeQuarterly Rate
ALL DAY$50.00
TMP FEE$15.00

Parking fees include all applicable commercial parking tax and retail sales taxes.

Carpool Permits

A carpool is defined as two or more individuals commuting together for at least 50 percent of the carpool's longest individual commute distance. Participants must be old enough to be eligible for a Washington state driver's license.

Students must present their class schedules when applying for the carpool program, to demonstrate that they are on campus together at least 3 times per week.

Special carpool parking is provided in the West Lot for those with carpool permits.

Contact the Transportation Coordinator during the first 2 weeks of each quarter to register your carpool and obtain a permit.

Parking Citation

If you receive a citation, you have the right to pay or appeal the fine within 14 days of the citation issue date.  Citation payments are made in the T2 Parking Portal. 

Email to submit an appeal request.   
Visit HERE for a full list of fines and appeal process.

Parking Lot Safety

  • Do not leave any valuables in plain sight.
  • Remove or hide anything that a car prowler might mistake as something worth stealing.
  • If valuables must be left behind, hide them out of sight several blocks away before parking.
  • Contact Campus Safety and Security to request an after dark escort or to report suspicious activity or theft.

Permit Refunds

  • If all classes are dropped before the sixth instructional day of the quarter (first week), full refund, less $5 fee.
  • If all classes are dropped between the sixth and fifteenth instructional days (third week), 50 percent refund.
  • No refunds after the third week of the quarter.
  • Please allow up to 6 weeks to process refunds.