Student Parking


North Seattle College students are now able to purchase quarterly parking permits online here. You need to be a registered student at North with all your outstanding fees from the prior quarter paid in full to be eligible. Students do not create a new account.  Scroll down to “Get Permits” and log in with your MySeattleColleges credentials.

Student quarterly permits will become available for purchase 2 weeks before the start of each quarter.

Your quarterly parking permit will be available immediately upon purchase. The permit is virtual and is tied to your vehicle’s license plate.

Parking rates


Quarterly Rate









Parking fees include all applicable commercial parking tax and retail sales taxes.

Carpool permits

A carpool is defined as two or more individuals commuting together for at least 50 percent of the carpool's longest individual commute distance. Participants must be old enough to be eligible for a Washington state driver's license.

Students must present their class schedules when applying for the carpool program, to demonstrate that they are on campus together at least 3 times per week.

Special carpool parking is provided for those with carpool permits.

Contact the Transportation Coordinator during the first 2 weeks of each quarter to register your carpool and obtain a permit.

Student ORCA Card

The ORCA Card is a transit pass that is accepted by all 6 Puget Sound regional transit authorities. The pass can be used for travel during peak and off-peak times without zone-restrictions

Students may purchase either an ORCA Card or Parking Permit, but not both.    

Fee is charged when requesting a transit pass:
$125.00 with a TMP Fee ($15.00)

ORCA cards can be purchased from the Cashier window on the 2nd floor of the College Center building.