Appeals and Fines

Appeals Process

  1. If you received a parking citation on North Seattle College property, you have the right to either pay or appeal the citation.
  2. Per WAC Per WAC 132-116-045 (7), appeals to reverse or reduce parking violation tickets shall be done in person or in writing with the parking enforcement office in accordance with WAC 132F-108-050.
  3. Per WAC 132F-108-050, this appeals process is defined as a ‘brief adjudicative procedure’ and will be conducted in person or in writing
  4. Primary appeal is through Transportation Coordinator; The acting hearing officer must not be the same officer who issued the citation
  5. The Transportation Coordinator will consider citation history and any mitigating factors; this consideration may result in a reduction of fine or a reduction of penalty
  6. A reduction to “warning” will occur if the acting hearing officer determines the infraction did occur but with explanation; reduction to warning does not equate to “voiding the citation.”
  7. A citation may be voided in the instance of officer error, special circumstance, or other reason the citation should not have been written
  8. If unsatisfied with outcome, 2nd level appeal is reviewed by Director (unless Director issued the citation)
  9. If the Transportation and Security Director issued the citation, the 2nd level appeal is conducted by the Associate Vice President of Administrative Services; otherwise, the Associate Vice President is the final level of appeal 

To schedule an appeal, contact The Transportation Office at: 


WAC 132F-116-045 - Ticketing and enforcement of traffic and parking rules and regulations.

Parking enforcement shall be applied consistently in a uniform manner across the district.

Parked in wrong area, improperly, or blocking$25
Parked in a "No Parking" zone:$25
Parked in a fire lane$100
Failure to display valid permit$30
Violations of traffic safety laws:$30
Forged or stolen permit$100
Parking in a handicap space 
without a handicap placard or plates

Employees who repeatedly violate traffic safety or parking rules may be subject to permit revocation.

Students who repeatedly violate traffic safety or parking rules may be subject to student conduct actions and/or permit revocation.

All parking violations must be paid online in the T2 parking portal here, or at the parking enforcement office unless waived by parking enforcement personnel. A record must be maintained of all waived parking/traffic violation tickets.

Impounding: This action shall be at the discretion of the college or district parking enforcement regarding any infractions pursuant to these regulations. Impounding may be implemented by mechanical restraints to vehicles on district property or by towing to an approved impounding agency. Release from impound on district property will be made upon payment of an appropriate fee, as determined by the Seattle College District. When a vehicle immobilization device is used (so-called "boot"), the fee to have this removed will be one hundred dollars, in addition to any other fines or fees levied for the infraction.

Towing companies and/or impounding agencies will be selected on the basis of criteria developed by the colleges and the district.  Neither the college nor district nor its employees shall be liable for loss or damage of any kind resulting from impounding and storage.  Any vehicle impounded on or from Seattle College District VI property, shall be at the owner's risk and expense.

No vehicle other than college owned or leased vehicles shall be parked on District VI property for a period in excess of seventy-two hours, without prior approval from parking enforcement.  Vehicles violating this regulation are subject to impounding at the owner's risk and expense.