Full-time Employees desiring payroll deduction for a Parking Permit or ORCA Transit may complete their request online by clicking here.

Part-time, Hourly or Temporary Employees may purchase a quarterly permit. Please complete the following form and return it to the cashier window. Once paid you can contact the Transportation Office with your receipt to register your vehicle.

Parking rates

Percent of Full-time

Quarterly Rate

0.0 to 33.9 percent


34.0 to 49.9 percent


50.0 to 66.9 percent


67.0 percent or more




Reserved Carpool


Reserved Space




*Parking fees include all applicable commercial parking tax and retail sales taxes.

Employee Orca Card

To be eligible for a subsidized ORCA Card, an employee must join the District's Transportation Management Plan (TMP) which offers incentives for using smart transportation methods of commuting. Employees may buy either the ORCA Card or the parking permit but cannot purchase both.

How to purchase ORCA Cards—permanent, full-time or benefits eligible employees

1. Payroll deduction is available to permanent employees with at least 67 percent employment. Permanent Employee ORCA Cards cost $51 per quarter, plus $10 TMP quarterly fee.

  • Complete and Submit the ORCA/TMP payroll deduction form. (Link3)
  • Pick up ORCA Cards from the Cashier Window (2nd Fl CC Bldg).
  • ORCA cards are renewed on a yearly basis and automatically re–loaded when requested (See ORCA Card Reload below).
  • New cards are not needed each quarter.

ORCA Card Reload

Please Note: The following procedure is for permanent employees on ORCA payroll deduction only.

When requesting more funds, please email the following information to transportation@seattlecolleges.edu:

  1. Full name
  2. What campus you are from
  3. CTC Link number
  4. Numbers on the front of the Orca Card

If you have not yet created an account at Myorca.com you will need to do so.

Carpool Discount

Employee carpool parking discount


A carpool is defined as two or more individuals commuting together for at least 50 percent of the carpool's longest individual commute distance. Participants must be old enough to be eligible for a Washington state driver's license.

Employees may carpool with a partner whose destination is away from the campus. Carpool routes must meet a standard of reasonableness determined by the campus Transportation Coordinator.

Special carpool parking is provided for those with carpool permits.

Contact the Transportation Coordinator during the first 2 weeks of each quarter to register your carpool and obtain a permit.