Employee Parking Permit

Get your permit here:

Do not create a new parking account.  Scroll down to “Get Permits” and log in with your MySeattleColleges credentials.

T2 Portal

Parking permits are required to park on campus. North Seattle College encourages employees who must drive to park on campus and not in the surrounding neighborhood.  Employees can purchase quarterly parking permits online here.

The District encourages employees to explore smart modes of transportation instead of just driving to work alone. For transportation options, please see the District website. For a comprehensive list of parking rules and regulations, please see this WA state page.


  • Permits run from July 1 through June 30.
  • Available to permanent employees working 50 percent or more.
  • Permanent employees will be automatically enrolled in in the District Transportation Management Plan (TMP) when they complete the payroll deduction form.
  • Pre–tax deduction option is available.
  • Include your vehicle information and submit the online form. Parking permits are virtual and are available for immediate use upon approval of the Transportation Coordinator.
  • Unless the deduction option is cancelled, the permit will automatically be renewed in July.
  • To change or cancel payroll deduction, please complete the same form (as above), noting the change or cancellation as appropriate. Staff who temporarily stop working but receive paychecks should cancel the payroll deductions.

Note: no credits or refunds will be given unless proper form is used. No refunds are available if the pre–tax payment option was selected.

  • Quarterly Permits are purchased via credit card through the Parking Portal. Permits are not sold at the cashier window.
  • Employees must pay a quarterly $10 Transportation Management Plan (TMP) fee to be eligible to purchase a quarterly permit, which is added to the cost of the permit sale.
  • This option is available to full-time, part–time, and temporary employees, including hourly staff and part–time faculty.
  • Work–study and hourly students do not qualify for employee parking permits or privileges but can obtain a student parking permit.
  • If you are less than 67% full-time, please contact the Transportation Office to have your quarterly permit rate entered into your Online Parking Account prior to purchase.

Carpool Parking Discount

  • Registered carpool driver must be permanent NSC employee.
  • Carpool requires a minimum of two people, commuting together at least 50 percent of the carpool's longest person's commuting distance.
  • Employees may carpool with a partner whose destination is not at NSC. Carpool routes must meet a standard of reasonableness determined by the campus Transportation Coordinator. 
  • All applicants must be of driving age.
  • All applicants must be carpooling to North Seattle College or vicinity at least four days a week.
    Employees must pay a quarterly $10 Transportation Management Plan (TMP) fee to be eligible to purchase a quarterly carpool permit, which is added to the cost of the permit sale.
  • Complete the employee parking payroll deduction form and submit online.
  • Complete the Employee Carpool Application and return to North’s Transportation Services Office located at the cashier’s window on the 2nd floor of the CC Building.
  • Carpool permits must be renewed each quarter. Contact the Transportation Coordinator at nsctransit@seattlecolleges.edu during the first 2 weeks of each quarter to renew your carpool to retain your permit.

Parking Rates

Percent of Full-timeQuarterly Rate
0.0 to 33.9 percent$40.00
34.0 to 49.9 percent$60.00
50.0 to 66.9 percent$80.00
67.0 percent or more$120.00
TMP Fee$10.00

Where to Park

Employee Parking is located around the perimeter of the campus in the North Lot, NE Lot, East Lot, South Lot, SW Lot, and West Lot and in the Parking Garage.  Employees may not park in designated Loading Areas, Visitor Parking Lots, or OC Visitor Lots.  Employees who need special parking accommodations should reach out to the Transportation office.