Policy Exception Requests

Students may submit a petition to the Registrar’s Office, with supporting documentation, for a policy exception if the following apply:

Approved Circumstances:

ReasonQualificationsRequired Documentation
MedicalUnexpected and/or non-recurring, incapacitating injury or illness requiring extensive recuperation (WA State Law  RCW 28B.15.600)A doctors note signed by your medical provider that includes a description of the condition and impact on your ability to attend classes, the date it occurred, the anticipated recovery time, and date to be released back to normal activities.
DeathA death in the immediate family which includes parents, aunts, uncles, spouse/partner, or child or any dependent in the household (WA State Law  RCW 28B.15.600)Death certificate, an obituary notice, or memorial indicating your relationship to the deceased.
Call to active US Military DutyOrder to report for active duty (WA State Law RCW 28B.10.270)Military orders showing effective date of deployment
HardshipA significant and unanticipated personal emergency/circumstance beyond your control.Appropriate documentation specifying the date of the persona emergency/circumstance with sufficient details supporting the incident.
AdministrativeFor tuition and fees forfeitures that are incurred because of an administrative error.Written statement or email from the North Seattle College instructor department explaining how the institution was in error.

Instructor or Class Complaints

A policy exception request does not address instructor, class, or grade complaints. For instructor and class complaints, you will need to contact the appropriate Division Dean or Administrator. Please visit the Student Conduct and Complaints webpage for more information and visit the Programs webpage for the contact information of Division Deans and Administrators.


In all cases, supporting documentation is required.

Occurrence of Extenuating Circumstance Term Petition Due (by last day of term)


Please note: Policy exception requests will not be granted for course work that has already been applied to a completed degree. Grades cannot be changed after a degree has been granted.

Policy Exception Request Form


A completed Policy Exception Request form, student statement, and supporting documentation must be submitted via our online form.

While You Wait

All policy exception requests will be reviewed after grades have been posted for the requested quarter and will be processed within 6 weeks. Students will be contacted via email regarding the decision of their request.