High School Completion

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High School Completion

Adult High School Completion

Adult High School Completion is a program that provides adults 19 years or older an opportunity to earn a high school diploma in a college setting, substituting college classes for remaining high school requirements.  What you study depends on what you need to complete your graduation requirements. Bring official, unopened transcript(s) to the Transition Specialist for assistance in planning which courses to take. Credit may be granted for equivalent courses completed at other high schools and colleges. 

Cost for Adult High School Completion

Washington residents age 19 and older pay the reduced High School Completion tuition rate, while students younger than age 19 and/or non-residents pay standard academic tuition. 

Getting Started

Contact the last high school you attended (and any colleges you may have attended) to obtain official, unopened copies of your transcripts. (Do not open them!) Once you have received copies of all of your transcripts, contact the Transition Specialist.