Pre-College English

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Pre-College English

Prepare for College-level Work with Pre-college English

North Seattle College offers college preparatory English to help you develop reading and writing skills, beginning with grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension, with the goal of advancing to college-level composition and reading. 

College Preparatory Classes

Course Credits
ENGL080 - Learning Center 5
ENGL095 - College Preparatory Reading & Study Skills III 5
ENGL096 - College Preparatory Writing III 5
ENGL097 - College Preparatory Reading IV 5
ENGL098 - College Preparatory Writing IV 5
ENGL099 - College Preparatory Writing V 5
1: ENGL095 and ENGL096 must be taken together in a block of 10 credits and enrollment in ENGL080 is also required.
2: ENGL097 and ENGL098 must be taken together in a block of 10 credits and ENGL080 is required if the ENGL097/098 is the student's first ENGL class.

Sequence of Classes

You are placed into a pre-college English class based on the results of the English placement test. The placement test is a required step after applying to the college. Pre-college ENGL classes often require enrollment in more than one class to work on reading, writing and study skills. You will then progress through the sequence of classes until you complete the last pre-college ENGL class. All ENGL (English) classes require tuition.

Completing Pre-College English

After satisfactory completion of the pre-college level classes and completion of the English placement test, you can be placed in college-level English courses. The English placement test may be taken once every 3 months.

College-level English courses are numbered 100 and above. The entry level course is ENGL&101, English Composition I. See College-level English for more information.