English, Literature, and Writing Studies

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Develop Your Writing Skills & Expand Your World View

Learn to write well, understand and enjoy what you read, and widen your perspective on the world via North's range of English courses. Strong English skills are invaluable as you continue your education and are crucial to almost any career path you may be considering. English studies open the door to life-long pleasure and enrichment. 

Choose from classes in literature, film, composition, grammar, creative writing, technical writing, or integrated studies.


In your study of literature at North, explore the work of authors from around the world, past to present. You might study contemporary world literature, women’s literature, African-American or Asian-American literature, graphic novels, or children’s literature. You can choose to experience the richness of your own background or learn about another culture. You can also examine culture and various aspects of filmmaking through the study of American film or transnational cinema.

Creative Writing

In creative writing, discover your own passion for poetry and fiction. Read, analyze, and discuss poems and short stories, and study the elements of the craft. Each week, submit your own poems, scenes or short stories for feedback and discussion. Tapping your creative juices can lead to many careers — journalism, marketing, or advertising – or simply the satisfaction of finding your own voice.


ENGL& 101 is required for most degree and certificate programs at North. The study of English composition includes understanding and analyzing a variety of texts, demonstrating critical thinking through various forms of written expression, and writing for particular audiences and purposes.

ENGL& 101 is a prerequisite for ENG&102, which offers the study of academic essay-writing for 4-year transfer. In ENGL&102, learn how to do research and write using sources that support your assertions.


North’s Advanced Grammar course (ENGL&104) teaches you about how words are put together in English to make effective sentences. Learn the rules of grammar and punctuation, as well as sentence types and grammatical concepts, in standard written English and apply that knowledge to making effective and stylistic choices in your writing.

Technical Writing

North’s Technical Writing course (ENGL&235) introduces students to the standards for technical and professional written communication. Learn about the technical writing process; the analysis of purpose and audience for various reports and documents; and the research, documentation, and presentation of technical and professional material.

Integrated Studies & Independent Study

Integrated studies courses fulfill English requirements and AA degree requirements. Coordinated Studies classes provide a unique learning community, where study topics extend into several disciplines. Consider these intriguing combinations: “Beginnings” (English, Humanities, Communication and Women’s Studies), “Sex Sells” (Psychology, Gender and Women’s Studies, English and Humanities), “You Talkin’ to Me?” (English and Communication), and “Wicked Witches, Private Eyes and Femme Fatales” (English and Humanities).

Developmental English

Supportive, close-knit pre-college English classes provide skills in reading, writing and grammar for those who need help in successfully transitioning to college-level work. Developmental or pre-college classes are offered as a 2-course/10-credit block with reading and writing classes together because the two skills are so interrelated.

Strong Faculty Support 

North's English instructors are dedicated, talented and diverse, choosing North because they love teaching and working at a community college. They are available to give you direct feedback on your course work. 

Varied Class Formats

The English Department offers online classes (composition, creative writing and literature courses can be taken entirely online), hybrids (online work with some on-campus meetings), and courses in a traditional classroom setting. Some students already in 4-year colleges and universities often choose to take English courses here because of availability of evening and online classes.

Placement & Advising

Contact Advising for all equivalency, prerequisite, and transfer questions such as whether a writing/English course taken at another college fulfills your ENGL&101 course requirement at North or if you meet the prerequisites to take ENGL&102.

See Placement into English for information about placing into your first English class at North.