Anthropology is the holistic study of human beings, from both a cultural and biological perspective, throughout all time periods and all parts of the world. It is therefore an exploration of the full diversity of what it means to be human in our world. With its unique combination of the four major anthropological subfields – Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Biological Anthropology and Linguistics – anthropology highlights the connections between the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Anthropologists use their skills to understand the changes that humans have undergone throughout time, and apply that knowledge to the ongoing concerns of human cultures within our increasingly global society. Students of anthropology develop a multicultural perspective that helps them to successfully understand and communicate with other people. In anthropology classes at North, students are engaged in Socratic discussions, debates, case studies, research projects, simulations and other forms of engaged learning in order to enable them to think critically and apply the skills they’re learning to real world situations.

The anthropology courses taught at North Seattle College offer a range of interests and fulfill a number of important degree requirements. Most anthropology courses fulfill the Individuals, Cultures and Societies AA degree requirement and carry the Global Studies designation. Archaeology and Medical Anthropology also fulfill the Natural World AA degree requirement. Most of the anthropology courses also transfer directly to four year institutions as anthropology credits, making them great choices for students interested in majoring or minoring in anthropology (or for those who are already at a four year institution, but want to take the same class with a smaller class size and less expensive price tag!). Many nursing students looking to fulfill their Global Studies pre-requisite have found the Medical Anthropology or Cultural Anthropology courses especially relevant.

Anthropology courses are offered in a range of formats – daytime, evening, hybrid and online. Below are some sample syllabi of past Anthropology courses at North. Though future offerings may differ from the syllabi below, especially if the delivery format is different, these will give you an idea of the range of topics covered within the courses.

Survey of Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology


Medical Anthropology

World Cultures (Note: this course is most often offered as part of an integrated studies program, this is an example of one such integration.)

Feedback from a former student in Cultural Anthropology:

“I am now full blown in the UW medical anthropology program, and I can't describe how much your class helped fuel not only my background in anthropology with examples, but my firm knowledge in the fundamentals as well. I came into my classes with so much to talk about in examples, like the beloved Batek, the Azande, and the Native American rites of passage. You did such an amazing job at really solidifying these examples and giving us the sheer amount of them that you did. I feel like I am constantly impressing my professors with all of the background knowledge I bring up in class- and that is all thanks to you. 

Thanks again for being such a great foundation for what is the very beginning of my career in anthropology!”



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