NSC History Courses Offer Many Rewards

Courses in North’s History Department investigate the vast record of human experience—both the “big picture” and the “small picture.” You’ll be engaged in a “detective hunt” for facts, interpretations and conclusions requiring serious reading, thinking and verbal communication — with substantial rewards. Our students routinely say they learn more about writing in history classes than in any other courses. They also learn to do serious research. Many say that history courses are the best they have taken at North.

Range of Purposes

History courses serve many academic and professional purposes, and they attract a wide range students. History courses are not just for history majors! 

The History courses we teach at North satisfy AA degree requirements in Individuals and Society, U.S. Cultures, Global Studies, and depending on the term, Integrated Studies. Our courses with US cultures designations also meet certificate and credential requirements for many professional and technical degree and certificate programs.

Our U.S History survey courses can earn you 10 of the 45 credits you need for the Washington four-year college 45 Credit Direct Transfer program. Others count as courses satisfying requirements for a history or interdisciplinary studies major or minor. Or they meet elective credits for those majoring in other fields.

Many prospective teachers take our history courses to meet Washington state elementary and secondary teacher credential requirements and social studies endorsements. A good number of local K-12 teachers also take our courses to keep up with their teaching fields and meet school district continuing education requirements. Some students take our US and Pacific Northwest History courses to meet Washingtom state and U.S. History high school graduation requirements. Others take random courses just because they want to.

Great Transfer Track Record

North’s History faculty has students doing serious research projects, so they are prepared for the kind of research they will be doing in any field at four-year colleges. Our history graduates have a strong transfer track record, and they say we have prepared them well, and that the grades they earn in our history courses are good predictors of grades elsewhere.

Recent alumni have reported back to tell us they are small business owners, teachers, lawyers, military service people, journalists, and corporate types. One’s currently a Fulbright scholar; another, a newly-minted PhD in history; a third, a border patrol office; and a fourth, a horse veterinarian!

History courses transfer to state public and private universities under the Direct Transfer Agreement, but North students have also earned credit by challenging courses at universities that do not honor that agreement. Recent grads have been awarded academic credit (and some, scholarships) from the University of Chicago, Brown, Rice, Seattle University, UCLA. Berkeley, Purdue, UW, WSU, and NYU.

Strong Faculty & Flexible Formats

North’s faculty include Scott Rausch, Ph.D., Cristóbal Borges, Ph.D. and Bob Brubaker, Ph.D.  We teach history in classrooms and online—in both distance learning and hybrid courses, so you have the flexibility to learn from us in whatever mode works best for you.

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