Biology Courses Satisfy Multiple Purposes

North’s Biology department fulfills AA degree requirements for non-majors, prepares future majors for successful transfer to 4-year degree programs, provides coursework to fulfill requirements for entry into pharmacy or medical school, and satisfies prerequisites for career training programs like nanotechnology and pharmacy technology. Whatever your goal, the study of biology will enrich your understanding of the living world and your role within it.

Curriculum & Scheduling Advantages

Various biology courses are offered in traditional format, online, and as hybrids (with lecture component online/ labs and seminars on campus), with daytime, evening and Saturday scheduling. You can start the biology major sequence in any quarter — daytime or evening — allowing you to continue through the course series with a cohort of friends and study partners. Two 300-level transfer classes (Microbiology and Genetics) are taught on campus — giving bachelor degree candidates access to flexible scheduling and smaller classes than available at their 4-year schools.

Excellent Facilities & Academic Support

Experienced biology faculty have a broad range of scientific expertise and a passion for teaching. Spacious lab facilities provide quality microscopes, an excellent collection of models and a broad range of modern instrumentation. Field trips and other hands-on learning opportunities are incorporated into courses, and a strong tutoring program supports your learning process.

Research Opportunities & Integrated Studies Options

North’s science department offer a variety of opportunities to conduct authentic undergraduate research and present it at North’s annual symposium, “Making Learning Visible.”

There are also innovative integrated studies classes like “Atoms to Ecosystems” – the only year-long integrated studies program for science majors, allowing students to complete both their chemistry and biology series in an integrated, hands-on, research-based learning community. “Atoms to Ecosystems” students distinguished themselves nationally in 2007, as the first community college students selected by the prestigious Council for Undergraduate Research in Washington, DC, to present their undergraduate research project to Congress as part of “Posters on the Hill.” A second group of research students presented again in 2010 as the only community college represented among a group of elite 4-year schools.

Additional integrated studies programs are available for non-majors each year, allowing you to learn biology through the lenses of a diverse array of other disciplines including history, women’s studies, psychology and drama.

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