UW Transfer Tips

Use these links to explore transfer to all three University of Washington campuses.  See how NSC courses transfer to all UW campuses using UW MyPlan or their course equivalency guide.

UW MyPlan

If you’re thinking about applying to transfer to the University of Washington, MyPlan can help you begin to plan your transfer and envision what your future might look like at UW.

Evaluate Your Coursework and Check Your Progress

MyPlan’s transfer planning tool allows you to import your unofficial transcripts and view how the courses you have already taken translate to coursework at the UW and degree requirements at any of the three UW campuses – Bothell, Seattle or Tacoma. You can also enter any courses you are planning to take at North Seattle College, allowing you to view how both completed and projected coursework may transfer.

Envision Your Future at UW

With MyPlan, you can begin to visualize your future at the UW. You can search for and bookmark UW courses of interest and create an academic plan based on those courses.

Start the Conversation

Easily print your plan and share it with an advisor. Communicating with your transfer advising staff is vital to ensure you are on the right path for academic success.

Get Started!

You can access the MyPlan transfer planner by logging in with your Google or Facebook account.
Start here for more information on MyPlan, including resources on how to use MyPlan.