Page One Writing & Language Center

Get help with reading, writing and more at the Page One Writing and Language Center! All students at North Seattle College are invited to come get help improving their English skills at the Page One Writing and Language Center. Every student at NSC can get two 30-minute meetings with a Page One tutor each day.

Students can get help with reading, writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation and every language arts-related issue.

All tutoring in Page One is offered on a drop-in basis. To see a tutor, students come into the Page One Writing and Language Center (located inside the Student Learning Center) and sign up on the waiting list at the Page One Greeter Station.


When a tutor is available, the tutor will take a student to a table and begin helping the student with an assignment.

For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.


To ask questions and/or provide feedback, please contact the Page One coordinators: Elinor Appel (ESL/IEP/ABE) and Jamie Wilson (English).

English 080

English 080 is a two-unit class designed to support students taking intensive writing courses.

Students who place into a developmental English course are strongly advised to take English 080 concurrently with their first English class. They earn credit by working with tutors on homework assignments from their English class and improving their reading, writing and grammar skills through Canvas activities.

Talk Time and Let's Read

Do you want to improve your listening and speaking skills in English? Do you want to become a better English reader? Do you want to meet other students from around the world while you learn about American culture? If you answered yes, we can help.

Students have discussions to practice their listening and speaking skills in Talk Time. They read short articles and stories to learn vocabulary and pronunciation in Let’s Read. In both groups, participants learn about other cultures, meet fellow students, and share their experiences learning about North Seattle College, Seattle, and the United States.

Talk Time Meeting

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