Common Application

Over 500 universities and colleges around the country use the Common Application. If you are applying to a school that uses the Common Application, you will be required to get certain information from North Seattle College. We have created a guide to help with the most frequently asked questions about filling out the Common Application here.

Below is a description of the process you will need to go through at North.


The advisor is someone at the College whom you have used as an academic advisor. The advisor you name will not be prompted to write a letter of recommendation; however, please ask before you put an advisor’s email into this section. If you don’t have an academic advisor, please use the name and email of our transfer coordinator, Molly Brown:

Academic Evaluator

The academic evaluator is the person you would like to write a letter of recommendation for you. Likely this will be an instructor who knows you well and can speak to your academic abilities. Please see specific college instructions to learn if your school requires a letter of recommendation, how many they require, and if there are any specifications on who should write the letter(s).

College Report

The college report is a form that collects information about your current college and your performance at that school. Information requested includes your academic performance and your disciplinary record. Contact the North Seattle College Registration office to submit college reports at

In order to submit your college report, you will need to do the following:

  1. Download the report from the common application website.
  2. Complete the top section of the form titled “To the Applicant” or the section’s requesting student demographic information and CAID number.
    • In the “Important Privacy Notice” section, please ensure you sign, date, and authorize North Seattle College to release your student record information being requested. If this section is not completed, the college official cannot complete and submit the form on your behalf.
  3. Please provide a list of the colleges where you would like the report sent, including addressed, stamped envelopes, or email addresses for each institution.
  4. Return the report and information above to Admissions Registration Records and Credentials, located on the second floor of the College Center Building.
  5. Please provide a statement to authorizing North Seattle College to mail/email your college report to the mailing address and/or email address you are requesting.

Please Note:
As of 3/16/2020 all completed College Report forms will be accepted via email only. Please be prepared to provide a scanned valid photo ID for student requests. Forms can be filled out and sent electronically via email to the requested colleges. Please contact your selected colleges for extended deadlines on College Report submissions.