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Scholarships are an excellent way to obtain much-needed money for tuition, books or living expenses. For tips on how to navigate these web pages, check out our video.


Scholarship applications are generally available between October and April for the following academic year and are due during spring quarter. A few applications and notifications are posted on the bulletin boards outside of the Financial Aid Office. Check the individual scholarship criteria to find out how and where to apply.

Scholarship Criteria

“Need-based" scholarships require that students have financial need as determined by the Financial Aid office using data from your FAFSA application. Other scholarships are "merit-based," focused on a student's achievements, interests or affiliations.

Scholarships are awarded based on a range of criteria, which usually reflect the views or purposes of the donor providing the award. While many scholarships have similar elements, you should always read the application carefully. Every organization has its own particular requirements and application process.

There are thousands of scholarships out there with many types of criteria and you may be the person they are looking for!

Complete the FAFSA

It is a good idea to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) because many scholarship donors require it as a tool to determine an applicant’s financial need. You may make yourself ineligible for some scholarships if you have not completed this application.

The FAFSA becomes available at the beginning of January every year for the following academic year that starts in September. North’s priority deadline is March 15th of each year. Be sure to check with each scholarship in case there is an earlier deadline.

The FAFSA application is online at the FAFSA website. The Financial Aid Office does not have paper applications as the Department of Education no longer provides them to schools. If you want a paper application, call the Department of Education at (800) 433-3243 to have it mailed to you. You can also call the Department of Education for help in filling out the application over the phone if you do not have online access or need assistance.

Education Fund

North Seattle College's Education Fund offers scholarships to current students. More information is available from the Education Fund Scholarships Web page.

Local Assistance/Scholarships

Local Assistance/Scholarships are available through organizations such as Seattle Milk Fund, Assistance League of Seattle and WA Women in Need. These organizations have individual criteria for eligibility and have varying deadlines throughout the year. To find out specific information go to Current Scholarships where these organizations links are always listed.

Individual donors determine which educational expenses they will cover with each scholarship. For more information, contact (206) 934-3688, stop by the Financial Aid Office in room CC2358A (located by Admissions/Registration & the Cashiers Office), or review current scholarships.

Trust funds or checks from family members 

If you receive a check made out to “North Seattle College” for your education from your trust fund or directly from a family member or friend, for financial aid awarding purposes we need to process it like a scholarship check.  We have to set up in our system and this may take up to a week.  We will process these for you as soon as possible.

International Student Scholarships 

The International Programs office offers a limited number of scholarships for International Students. Application deadlines are March 1, August 1 and December 1. There is no deadline for the Referral and Early Acceptance scholarships.

New and returning students are eligible. You must demonstrate academic merit, student leadership and involvement in extracurricular activities, and you must have an F1 visa and be a full-time student.

The scholarship is awarded in the form of a tuition waiver. Please pick up an application form at CC 2357. For more information, contact the International Programs office.

Scholarships & Your Financial Aid Packet

When you are awarded a scholarship, it becomes part of your financial aid package. The organization will inform you of the award and will usually inform NSCC's financial aid office as well. When your scholarship check arrives at the Financial Aid Office, the scholarship will be added to your financial aid package and applied to any current quarter tuition and fees with the College. If the guidelines of the scholarship allow you to have funds in excess of tuition costs, the balance will be disbursed to you via Higher One®.

  • Please note that if your scholarship organization has never awarded a student at North before we will have to set it up in our system and this may take up to a week.  We will process these for you as soon as possible.

Please request from the scholarship donor that checks be mailed to this address to insure that it will reach the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible:

North Seattle College
Financial Aid Services
9600 College Way North
Seattle, WA  98103

It is also helpful to ask the scholarship donor to include your NSC student ID number and/or other identifying information about you besides your name, such as your birth date.

Depending on how many scholarships you are awarded and the amounts, there may be an impact on your financial aid award. Generally speaking, your awards cannot exceed your unmet need for any quarter. A student's unmet need is determined by subtracting the Estimated Family Contribution (obtained from FAFSA) from the school's Cost of Attendance. If your scholarship awards exceed your unmet need, then it may reduce or eliminate student loans, work study or other funding. However, the Pell Grant will never be reduced.

Every student's financial situation is a little bit different, which results in individualized awards. You should always work closely with the Financial Aid Office to determine exactly how each scholarship will affect your financial aid package.

Students need to notify the Financial Aid Office if they are receiving a scholarship from a private donor and when the office should expect the check to arrive. The scholarship coordinator may be able to place a hold on your account so that you do not get dropped from classes for nonpayment before the funds arrive. 

Scholarships are typically divided evenly over the academic year (fall, winter, spring) unless otherwise specified by the donor. Exceptions can be made by the donor in writing. 

Scholarships Contacts

Phone: (206) 934-3688
(206) 934-3608

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