Additional Resources

Unfortunately, there is not just one easy place to look for scholarships. There are thousands of scholarships from institutions, organizations and donor trust accounts all over the country. You have to get involved and often creative to find many of the available scholarships. Start by thinking about your life and all of the people you know, organizations/clubs that you or your family belong to, and what your interests are. Then start your search in those areas.

Some typical places to look for scholarships:

Advising may know of some academic scholarships.

Your teachers may be aware of scholarships in your field of study.

Academic departments have specific scholarships.

Phi Theta Kappa members have access to many scholarships.

Online scholarship databases are good resources.

Your bank or credit union may offer scholarships to its members.

Your employer (or your parents/spouses employer) may offer scholarships.

Many service or non-profit organizations that you or your family are affiliated with may offer scholarships.