Your Financial Aid Packet

Your Scholarship Awards and Financial Aid Package

When you are awarded a scholarship, it becomes part of your financial aid package. When your scholarship check arrives at the Financial Aid Office, the scholarship will be added to your financial aid package and applied to any current quarter tuition and fees with the College. Please see the Financial Aid Disbursement section for information.  

Impact on Financial Aid

Depending on how many scholarships you are awarded and the amounts, there may be an impact on your financial aid award. Generally speaking, your awards cannot exceed your unmet need.

A student's unmet need is determined by subtracting the Estimated Family Contribution (obtained from FAFSA) from the school's Cost of Attendance. If your scholarship awards exceed your unmet need, you will notified of your option to reduce or eliminate student loans, work study, or other funding.

Every student's financial situation is different, which results in individualized awards. You should always work closely with the Financial Aid Office to determine exactly how each scholarship will affect your financial aid package.

Submitting Scholarship Funds

Students should notify the Financial Aid Office when they receive notification of award from their scholarship organization (North’s Education Fund recipients do not need to notify us). Financial Aid staff may be able to place a hold on your student tuition payment so that you do not get dropped from classes for nonpayment before the funds arrive.

Scholarship checks can be mailed to the college’s Financial Aid office for processing and disbursement. It is helpful to ask the scholarship donor to include your NSC student ID number and/or other identifying information, such as your birth date. Scholarships are typically divided evenly over the academic year (fall, winter, spring) unless otherwise specified by the donor.

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  • Financial Aid Services
  • 9600 College Way North
  • Seattle, WA  98103

Please note that if your scholarship organization has never awarded a student at North before we will have to set it up in our system and this may take up to a week.