Financial Aid Disbursements

Tuition and Fee Payments

Students who are awarded grants, tuition waivers, loans or scholarships will have their tuition and fees automatically paid the week before the quarter begins. Any remaining eligible funds after tuition and fees have been paid will be disbursed through BankMobile®, a financial services company.

Financial aid awards are adjusted to your enrollment level the first week of the quarter. If your award(s) are not sufficient to cover your total tuition and fee charges, you will be responsible for the remaining balance. The balance must be paid by the first day of the quarter or you may be dropped from your classes.

If you have registered for classes and decide not to attend, you must formally withdraw by the end of the first week of the quarter or you will be billed for the tuition costs paid.

Financial Aid Disbursements

The Seattle Colleges are partnered with BankMobile®, a financial services company serving higher education, for students to receive their financial aid and scholarship funds. 

Step One: Login and Activate Your Account

Look for the bright green envelope; it contains your Refund Selection Kit. Locate your personal code found inside the envelope to select your refund preference. If you have not received your Refund Selection Kit, contact the Financial Aid Office to request a new personal code be sent.

Step Two: Select Your Refund Preference

These options include:

  • Transfer to your current bank account (ACH) (refunds available in two-three business days).
  • A deposit to the BankMobile Vibe Account, an FDIC-insured, no-monthly-fee, no-minimum-balance checking account.
  • A paper check (funds available in five-seven business days).

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