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Commonly requested financial aid documents and forms are available as online forms or fillable PDF files that can be downloaded via the links below. If you need a form in an alternate format, please contact the Financial Aid Office to make that request.

Forms and supporting document can be submitted via fax, email, mail, uploaded to the Financial Aid portal, and in person at the financial aid office.

Students must read and understand the Conditions of Award each academic year. This guide is designed to help you understand the financial aid process from initial awarding to delivery of financial aid. Please keep this guide to assist you in answering questions that may arise regarding correspondence from the Financial Aid and Veterans Services Office. Printed copies are available from the Financial Aid Office.

Students receiving financial aid are required to make satisfactory academic progress in an eligible program of study and meet pace of progression requirements. The following information outlines North’s Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements for financial aid recipients and applicants.

This form should be completed when a student is unable to present their documents in person. The form may be used when submitting copies of government issued photo identification; Department of Homeland Security, Social Security, or other U.S. citizenship/nationality documents; or proof of marriage documentation. (Students required to submit the Statement of Identity and Educational Purpose should not use this form.)

Affidavit of Authenticity for Supporting Documentation


Complete the “Appeal for More Quarters” if you have changed your program of study at North Seattle College or have received a notice of our office that you have exhausted your eligibility for your program of study.  The “Appeal for Reinstatement of Aid” should be completed if you have been notified by our office that your financial aid has been suspended/ineligible for not meeting the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Students selected for verification should complete the Certification of Non-Tax Filer Status Form for themselves, spouse, and/or parent(s), only if the individual did not file a 2015 IRS Tax Return.

2023-2024 Forms

Students pursuing a degree or certificate at North Seattle College may only receive financial aid from North. However, sometimes a student is unable to take certain courses at North and will need to take required courses for their program of study at a different school (the Host school).  In these cases, a consortium agreement allows students to get financial aid at North for classes taken at the Host School.  If approved, a student could receive financial aid for the total number of credits at both schools. Please note: even with an approved Consortium Agreement, the student is required to pay for classes themselves at the Host School. This form must be submitted no later than the 10th day of the quarter.

This form is used to request a dependency override for financial aid.  It is to be completed after applying for aid to indicate that you have special circumstance which prevent you from providing parental information. After submitting this form you may be contacted to complete an informational interview with a member of the Financial Aid Team.

If you are required to submit Income or Tax information to the Financial Aid office, the easiest way is using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool within the FAFSA. The IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT) Electronically Transfers Your Federal Tax Return Information into your FAFSA form.

Students may choose to borrow Federal Student Loans.  All loans must be repaid with interest and fees, if applicable.  To request a federal student loan for enrollment in a North Seattle College program, complete the Direct Loan Request Form after you have submitted your Master Promissory Note (MPN) and completed Entrance Counseling. If you are taking prerequisites for a program at another College or University, you will need to submit the Prerequisite Loan Request Form.

2023-2024 Forms

Complete this form if you are requesting to change your program of study. The Financial Aid Office will notify you via email or mail indicating whether or not your funding request for a program change has been approved.

Complete this form to verify or declare your program of study with North Seattle College. Students who are new to North Seattle College or are applying for financial aid for the first time should complete this form before their first quarter of enrollment.

This form is completed by the student to authorize to authorize another individual to access the student’s confidential financial aid records, which are protected by The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

For more information and to complete your form, visit the FERPA Release page:

If you have experienced an unexpected financial hardship or a significant reduction in family income since submitting your financial aid application (FAFSA or WASFA), it might benefit you to submit a Special Conditions/Income Adjustment Form. The financial aid office will use your current year income to reevaluate your eligibility for financial aid. You may submit the request if you, your spouse, and/or your parents experienced one of the following situations: reduction of income due to layoff, termination, or decline in self-employment income; loss of child support or disability benefits; separation, divorce, or death of a spouse or parent after submitting the FAFSA/WASFA.

Only students selected for verification are required to submit a verification form. Review your student financial aid portal to determine which form you are required to submit. If you have questions regarding your verification form, please contact the Financial Aid Office before you submit the form.

2023-2024 Forms

To request a Release of Information for financial aid, please email the Financial Aid Office at