Online Resources is a free web-based tool for Washington students seeking college scholarships. Unlike other search engines, is a scholarship clearinghouse that is free of advertising and spam. protects your personal information and makes scholarship searching simpler. In one stop, you can search and apply for verified scholarship opportunities specific to your academic interests, college, university or other criteria. Check out their helpful videos!

Tips for Using Search Engines

There are numerous other scholarship search engines on the internet that can help you find scholarships from all over the country. This method can be more time consuming initially, but it will help you locate many more possibilities. 

Most of the scholarship search engines will ask you to set up a profile or account with them. They will then e-mail you news of new scholarship opportunities that fit your profile, as they are available. There should be no cost to set up these accounts or profiles. If there are costs, be suspicious of a scholarship scam.

You should also consider setting up a separate e-mail account just for scholarships, since your e-mail address will mostly likely be sold to numerous marketing firms. This will help keep your real e-mail account free from unwanted spam. Free e-mail accounts can be obtained from GoogleYahoo!MSN HotmailHushMail and others.

Useful Websites

There are many websites available for students who are searching for scholarships. Students may find the following list of sites useful. However, North Seattle College neither endorses nor accepts responsibility for the content of the sites.