ABE/GED  — Improve skills & Prepare for the GED® Test

If you’ve decided it’s time to get your high school diploma or complete your secondary school education, or if you want to work on basic skills, North's Adult Basic Education/General Educational Development (ABE/GED) program is a great resource for students 18 years and older. 

Whether you are just beyond high school age or have been considering filling in the gaps in your skills for a while, the ABE/GED program can help.

You'll feel comfortable in class. The average age of students is 29, and many students at North are in their thirties and above. Even if your skills feel rusty at first, you will quickly discover your capacity (and mature commitment) to learn. 

ABE Skill-building Classes

Improve your basic English reading, writing and math skills in ABE classes — if you aren’t quite ready for the GED® test preparation classes or if your placement test scores indicate you need more work on basic skills.

Classes will help you transition into college or career training programs, learn workplace computer skills, discover your personal strengths and learn workplace relational skills.

Learn to think critically, set realistic goals and achieve academically.

GED Preparation

Prepare for the four-part GED® test. Successful completion of the four-part test (Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies) earns a GED certificate. GED certification is equivalent to a high school education and is usually accepted in place of a diploma.

In classes you’ll review reading, math, grammar, writing and test-taking. Your peers will  generally have between 8th and 12th grade-level skills.

You can go straight through to get your GED or take it a-step-at-a-time and come back as you are ready. If you feel you are ready to take the GED® tests without preparation classes, contact the Testing Center to learn about the testing process and make an appointment.

North's ABE/GED program has supportive, dedicated, expert professional faculty members who will help you achieve your goals. Find your place among classmates who represent a cross-section of ages, cultures and backgrounds.

Compass Test Preparation

The Compass Test is the test you need to take to enroll in college level courses like English 101 and Math 100.  Do you need to brush up on your reading, writing or math skills before you take the Compass Test?  Compass Prep classes will help you get ready for the test by practicing the material you will likely encounter: grammar, writing, and editing, college-ready reading strategies, Algebra and Geometry.  We’ll also practice test-taking strategies so that you are comfortable with this test when you sit down to take it.

Getting Started

Start with the admission & enrollment steps. After you complete the application and get your student ID number, you will be invited to attend an ABE/GED orientation and take a special placement test.

If English is not your first language, an ESL placement test may be required before entering the GED® test preparation classes. For more information and dates of upcoming orientations, contact an ABE/GED/ESL Advisor.

Classes, Cost & Aid

ABE/GED program tuition is $25 a quarter, with an additional charge for the GED® test itself. See the Testing Center for additional information.

There are daytime ABE/GED classes and evening GED classes to accommodate your schedule. Daytime GED classes meet four days a week, for a total of 10 hours/week. Evening classes meeting two evenings a week, for a total of five hours/week. Check the online class schedule for details.

Financial and other support services are available through Workforce Education — DSHS, DVR, Worker Retraining, etc.

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