Parent Education

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Parent Education

The mission of the Parent Education program at North Seattle College is to promote the development of knowledge and skills for strong and healthy families.

Being a parent is one of life’s most significant tasks, yet most parents receive minimal training to handle the challenges of raising a family. Meeting this need, North Seattle College offers a long-standing, successful program that educates parents for their important role while providing strong preschool experiences for youngsters.

North also provides education and support for children and families with online classes for parents and preschool providers, short-term classes and lectures focused on topics relevant to child-rearing, and classes for families enrolled in local child care centers.

See courses for full descriptions of parent education offerings.

Benefits for Parents
Parent Education classes help adult students become more effective and satisfied in their roles by helping them understand child behavior, by encouraging the recognition of developmentally appropriate activities, by assisting in acquiring valuable information in areas which affect the welfare of the “whole child,” and by teaching methods that help children develop responsibility.

Coop Preschool Parent Education
North Seattle College Cooperative Preschool Parent Education classes provide a shared learning experience for parents and their children from birth through five years of age. Forty North Seattle College cooperative preschools operate from 12 convenient locations in North Seattle. Each school is an independent, non-profit entity run by a board and includes a skilled preschool teacher, the children’s parents and a parent educator.

Parents are involved in their child's early education experience by participating once a week in the parent-operated cooperative preschool laboratory where their child is enrolled and at a monthly evening parent-only class taught by the parent educator — an NSC faculty member. The instructor also advises and supports the lab experience of adult students as they practice the skills they are learning while being assistant teachers in their child’s preschool.

North Seattle College parent education classes and coops are consistently full, with a waiting list and an excellent retention rate. Most parent-students continue on, sometimes for many years, with multiple children from a single family enrolled in the system. Adult students are largely between the ages of 30 and 40. The program reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity of the North Seattle area.

Please see the North Seattle College Preschool Web pages for details about the cooperative preschool program.