Underage Applicants

Applying As an Underage Student

North Seattle College operates on an open-door admissions policy. Consistent with available space and resources, NSC admits those persons who are 18 years of age or older and those who are high school graduates or who have a GED. Exceptions to this policy include students who are under 18 and wish to enroll in the Running Start program or students who are under 18 and want to be considered for admission on a course-by-course basis.

Running Start

The Running Start program provides academically motivated juniors and seniors in high school an opportunity to take college-level courses for credits. If you are interested in Running Start, visit the Running Start Web pages.

Underage Admission on a Course-by-course Basis

NSC does not wish to replace or duplicate the functions of the local high schools. However, depending on individual circumstances, high school students may request special admission to take specific courses at the college. Criteria for granting admission include competency at an appropriate academic, artistic and/or technical talent level and the ability to participate in an adult learning environment.

Procedure for Applying

If you are under 18, have attained at least high school junior standing, do not have a high school diploma or a GED, and are not participating in Running Start, you are required to complete the following steps each quarter in order to be considered for admission:

Apply for admission to NSC online. After you apply, you will be emailed a Student Identification Number (ctcLink ID). You will need your ID number in order to take a placement test(s).

*Note: Please keep together all required information listed in the following steps until you meet with the underage advisor as part of step 6.

All underage applicants are required to have some form of placement for college English and/or math. Go to the Testing Center Web pages to learn about documents accepted for placement and placement test options.

Obtain an unofficial transcript from your high school.

Write a letter explaining, in detail, the reason for requesting permission to be admitted as an underage student.

A. Your high school counselor or designee must provide a statement indicating the recommended college class or classes and reasons for the recommendation. If you are home schooled, have your district’s Home School Resource Office, or designated authority provide the recommendation.Students planning to earn a high school diploma from NSC must obtain a written release to attend NSC from the Student Placement Office of Seattle Public Schools (or if not within the Seattle Public Schools area, then from your high school principal).

B. Complete the Underage Permission Form obtaining signatures from the high school counselor and parent/guardian. **Note that the high school counselor must also write a short letter supporting your enrollment at NSC (see a above).

Make an appointment to meet:
Running Start Advisors
Christina Sheehan and Katy Foster

*Note: If you are admitted to North, it will be on a quarterly basis. You will be expected to make satisfactory progress in order to continue at the school as an underage student for subsequent quarters, and the Underage Student Permission form must be completed before registration each quarter.

Plan to attend New Student Orientation before the quarter begins, or view the Online Orientation Web pages. Browse/refer to them as often as needed to access the College's Web resources.