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Online Orientation

You must provide your 9-digit SID number (issued to you when you applied) and PIN (defaults to your birthdate) in order to get credit for completing this online orientation. See the Welcome tab for instructions on how to take this orientation.


From the President

Welcome to North Seattle College.

I’m President Warren Brown. I’m very happy that you chose to pursue your educational goals with North. We will do our utmost to help you succeed.

Completing this online orientation will make it more likely that you will successfully reach your goals.

I think you’ll find many of the resources discussed in the orientation very useful while navigating your educational experience. In this orientation you’ll learn about advising, tutoring, graduation and more.

I encourage you to see an advisor as soon as possible. The advisor will help you create an educational plan. This plan will ensure you take the right classes to complete your program on time.  And, if you need some help, be sure to take advantage of our free tutoring services.

So, let's get started!

Notes from Advising:

Before continuing with the orientation, please make sure to input your student ID and PIN number at the top of the screen.

And did you know that North Seattle College also offers an in-person orientation throughout the year? To learn more, please visit the sign-up page.


Orientation Instructions

Topic photo

You are about to start the online orientation!

Sign in with your SID (Student ID number) and PIN. Then take your time and work through all the topics in each section. At the conclusion of each of those sections you'll be asked to take a short quiz. You'll get feedback right away about whether you answered correctly. If you did, you'll see a check mark and be ready to move on to the next section. If not, you'll need to review the section and answer the quiz question again.

At the bottom of each section, in Related Info, you'll find important links related to the material discussed in that section.

At any time you can signout and your progress will be saved, ready for you to resume when you sign back on. At the conclusion of your work, your success will be recorded, and you'll be prepared to register for classes and begin your college experience at North Seattle College. Return for a refresher anytime.

Best of  luck!

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