High School Students Earn College Credit in Their High Schools

North Seattle College’s College in the High School (CHS) program offers an alternative to Running Start in which capable high school students may take college level courses while remaining at their high school. Credits will appear on a North Seattle College transcript as well as on students’ high school transcript.

Curriculum & Faculty

CHS courses are taught by selected high school teachers whose qualifications match those of typical North Seattle faculty. Teachers deliver North Seattle course content as a part of a corresponding high school course. For example, students taking third year Japanese at the high school could take JAPN& 122 at te same time through the CHS program.

North's Current CHS Partners

Nathan Hale High School

JAPN& 122 (5 credits) Japanese II - Atsuko Yamaguchi, instructor

Continuation of JAPN& 121. Includes development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Introduces the kanji (Chinese character) writing system and up to 30 basic characters. Prereq: JAPN& 121 or permission.

JAPN& 123 (5 credits) Japanese III – Atsuko Yamaguchi, instructor

Continues the development of language skills in all areas. Presents another 60 characters. Prereq: JAPN& 122 or permission.

SPAN& 123 (5 credits) Spanish III – Megan Miller, instructor

Continuation of SPAN& 122.  Prereq: SPAN& 122 or permission.


Ingraham High School

ENGL& 112 (5 credits) Introduction to Fiction – Todd Martinez, instructor

Survey of 20th century fiction.  Study and analysis of the art, elements, and techniques of short stories, novellas, and novels of American and international authors.  Prereq: Placement into ENGL& 101.

ENGL& 113 (5 credits) Introduction to Poetry – Todd Martinez, instructor

Study, appreciation and analysis of the form, meaning, music and metaphor of poetry.  Includes poems from diverse sources.  Prereq:  Placement into ENGL& 101

Entrance Requirements

While there are no strict entrance requirements, students should consider their prior grades in the subject area as a guide. Typically a B grade or better is a good predictor of success in CHS courses. Students do not need to take the Compass test as long as they are taking only CHS courses (not Running Start).


Cost for the courses is lower than usual college tuition. The tuition pays for registration, record-keeping and other administrative services as well as program and faculty development. Course materials such as books may be available through the high school.