Resources for Teachers


Welcome to College in the High School! We’re sure you have questions, including, what are my responsibilities? What reporting am I required to make? What support will my students need? What support can I expect from North Seattle College?

We’re here to help with all these questions and tasks. First, you’ll have an NSC faculty member serving as your Course Lead. The role of the Course Lead is to provide mentorship, facilitate a flow of ideas between high school and college instructors (this is a collaboration), and ensure that the course outcomes are being met. Communication with your Course Lead and CHS Program Managers will help you succeed.

Your ctcLink Account

One of the first things you’ll need to do, after the hiring process is completed, is activate your ctcLink account. CtcLink is where you will be able to view your rosters and where you will submit grades.

Use the link below to access directions for using these features of ctcLink. Scroll down the page until you see Account Activation, Class Roster and Waitlist, and Grade Roster. You can ignore everything else!

ctcLink Resources for Faculty

CHS Faculty Handbook & Policy Guide

In addition to helping your students apply for admission and enroll, state and national accrediting bodies require the following activities take place in addition to classroom instruction:

  • Submit a syllabus that is paired with a syllabus for the same course at the college.
  • Participate in an approved professional development event, preferably with your NSC Course Lead.
  • Participate in the observation process.
  • Submit a common assessment (an assessment, project, or assignment, for which students in both the CHS and college class participate.

This sounds like a lot, but with your Course Lead’s help, it will be easy to accomplish. You’ll find all the information you’ll need in the CHS Faculty Handbook at the link below. Your Course Lead and the NSC CHS program managers will keep you appraised of deadlines along the way. Reach out for help at any time!

CHS Faculty Handbook and Materials