Is CHS Right for You?

Program Benefits

  • A Head Start. Students accelerate their college studies by earning college credit at their high school at the same time they fulfill high school requirements. The CHS program is open to students in grades 9-12. Students earn credit without leaving their high school campus and with instructors they may already know. CHS classes provide a smooth transition into the Seattle Promise program.
  • Easy Transfer. Most CHS classes fulfill general education requirements for the Associate of Arts Degree at community colleges or bachelor’s degrees at universities. Credits earned through the program transfer to all public community colleges, public universities, and most private institutions in the state. Courses appear on official North Seattle College transcripts for ease of transfer. Students should always contact prospective colleges and universities to see how their credits will transfer.
  • A No-Cost Alternative. CHS courses are free for qualified high school students.
  • Build Skills for Academic Success. Completion of coursework and earning college credit may make a student’s university or college application stronger. State and National accrediting bodies ensure CHS classes have the same academic rigor as their college counterparts.
  • Access to Services. Students enrolled in CHS classes have access to all North Seattle College services while enrolled (including the library, student media center, wellness center, counseling and advising services, and more).

Consider the Following

  • Watch Deadlines Carefully. Remember that the College in the High School program is a dual-credit program and creates an official college record that will follow you after you transfer. Your grade point average is important! State and national accrediting organizations require CHS students to follow the same set of deadlines as campus students. If you find yourself not earning the grade you’d like or are unable to complete the course, make sure you are aware of the deadline to drop the course and not have an impact on your college transcript. Deadlines are listed on this website.