Short Term Certificates

During NSC campus closure due to COVID-19, printed certificates are unavailable. A placeholder certificate can be emailed to you for proof of completion. Upon return to on-campus operations, a printed certificate can be requested. Please email to request a printed certificate.

Short Term Certificates have fewer than 20 credits. They usually cover an entry-level or specific skill set needed for that industry. Students can complete a short-term certificate and enter/re-enter the workplace with improved skills.

They may also continue on a pathway to a higher certificate or degree, and some or all of the credits from the short-term certificate may apply to the next level certificate or degree. Many of our certificates are stackable, meaning students who begin their studies with a short-term certificate can roll those same credits into longer term certificates or degree programs.

Below is a list of the Short Term Certificate programs offered at North.

How to Earn a Short Term Certificate

At least 51% of all coursework must be completed at North Seattle College and students must obtain an overall GPA of a 2.0 at North in order to earn the award. If a student wishes to receive this certificate, they must still apply to graduate through ctcLink. Please meet with the Program Coordinator/Contact for program-specific questions.


Certificates are only printed upon student request. Please email to request a printed certificate.