Short Term Certificates

Short Term Certificates have fewer than 20 credits. They usually cover an entry-level or specific skill set needed for that industry. Students can complete a short-term certificate and enter/re-enter the workplace with improved skills. They may also continue on a pathway to a higher certificate or degree, and some or all of the credits from the short-term certificate may apply to the next level certificate or degree. Many of our certificates are stackable, meaning students who begin their studies with a short-term certificate can roll those same credits into longer term certificates or degree programs. Below is a list of the Short Term Certificate programs offered at North.

Cisco Certified Network Associate Certificate

Accounting Fraud Certificate

CAD for Construction and Design Certificate

Building Information Modeling Certificate

Project Management Certificate

Accounting Achievement Certificate

Entrepreneur Foundation Certificate

Early Childhood Education Initial State Certificate

How to Earn a Short Term Certificate:

Short Term Certificates are automatically posted to student transcripts within 4-6 weeks of final grades being posted. At least 51% of all coursework must be completed at North Seattle College and students must obtain an overall GPA of a 2.0 at North in order to receive the award.

Important Things to Note:

Once the certificate has been awarded, students can view it on their unofficial transcript, however, please note that Short Term Certificates do not appear on student official transcripts. Students can verify their degree with an employer by showing their official printed certificate. Certificates are only printed upon student request by calling the Workforce Instruction Division: 206-934-3790

Avionics Technician Certificate
The Avionics Technician Certificate is not included in the Auto-Award process. If a student wishes to earn this certificate, they must still meet with the Program Coordinator and apply to graduate.