Did you know that degrees and certificates are not automatically awarded when you complete your program requirements?  Please follow these steps in order to complete the graduation application process:

  1. Make an appointment with your advisor (if you are in a transfer program) or faculty coordinator (if you are in a career training program)
  2. Complete and sign the Graduation Application. Your advisor or faculty coordinator will then submit it to the Admissions/Registration office.
  3. Log in to Degree Audit and view the “notes” tab to ensure that your graduation application has been received. You will also receive an email notification.
  4. Pass your final classes! Evaluations of graduation applications begin after grades have been posted to student transcripts. Allow up to eight weeks after final grades are posted for degrees and certificates to be posted. You will only be contacted during the evaluation if there are questions.
  5. Update your mailing address in MyNorth. After your degree is posted, your diploma will be mailed to this address within a few weeks. If you are mailing to an international address, please email ARRC the full address. Please note that diploma mailing can take several weeks and we cannot provide tracking information. If the diploma is undeliverable and sent back to North, we will send again. Otherwise students need to order a Duplicate Diploma.
  6. Order your official transcript if you need it to either be picked up in person or sent to another school.
  7. Visit our Commencement Ceremony page for more information about how you can participate in the annual Seattle Colleges commencement celebration.