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Program Overview

Degrees & Certificates

Certificate programs provide students with a set of skills to find a job or stay current in a profession. Many certificates are designed to build on top of each other and eventually lead to a longer-term certificate or degree. These are called “stackable” certificates.

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  • Credits to complete: 61.0
  • Estimated program length in quarters: Full Time - 4 | Part Time - 6

Program Pathway Map 

Program Pathways are a series of courses and experiences carefully selected to help you earn your credential and prepare for your career or university transfer.  Program Pathway Maps guide you through quarter-by-quarter coursework, indicate when you’ll need to complete important steps, and describe popular careers in this pathway.  Some course sequences or recommended courses can be customized or adjusted by speaking with an advisor.  

AAS Full Time Map

Certificate Map

An Innovative College Partnership – the best of both!               

In response to industry demand for skilled technicians, North Seattle College has joined efforts with Shoreline Community College to offer applied training in the emerging, rapidly growing field of mechatronics. Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field combining learning from multiple engineering domains. The mechatronics pathway provides training in mechanics, electronics, robotics, programmable logic controls (PLCs), IT, hydraulics/pneumatics, preventative maintenance, and machine tool operation.

By pairing robust, established programs in Electronics at North Seattle College and Machine Maintenance and Manufacturing at Shoreline Community College, our students benefit from multiple program entry and exit points, flexible scheduling, and an expanded team of faculty with extensive experience and links to industry. Coursework combines classroom instruction with lab-based learning.

Interdisciplinary Training

Greater speed, precision and efficiency achieved through automation technology has fueled the demand for technicians with this broad, integrated knowledge base required to install, maintain and troubleshoot increasingly complex systems. Skills developed are applicable across employment sectors with particular demand in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, and logistics. As local industries increasingly automate their operations, the demand for technicians with baseline interdisciplinary training will keep pace.

Mechatronics students complete a one year certificate in Industrial Automation and Electronic Controls at North Seattle College. Students can choose to continue their training at Shoreline Community College, completing a one year certificate in Industrial Maintenance Robotics and Manufacturing. Certificates earned at both North Seattle College and Shoreline Community College stack into the Mechatronics AAS degree.

Whether you are seeking job advancement through skill enhancement, want to transition into a new field or are just beginning your career, mechatronics training at North Seattle College will position you well for gainful employment and career growth.

Mecha WA, Mechatronics

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