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  • Credits to complete: 13.0
  • Estimated program length in quarters: Full Time - 1 | Part Time - Part Time Option Not Available

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North's Emergency Medical Technician program is the longest running EMT program in the state (more than 30 years) and offers excellent, streamlined training for a career as an EMT. Ninety-nine percent of NSC graduates have passed the Washington state and National Registry exams and qualified for certification in the last 7 years.

Information Sessions  

For winter quarter we are planning for two classes. Cohort 1 will be Tuesday 1600-2200, Thursday 1800-2200 and Saturday 0800-1700. Cohort 2 will be Monday/ Friday 1100-1900 and Thurs 1800-2200. The winter quarter runs from 1/3/23 through 3/22/23.  

So that we can observe social distancing requirements and keep you safe, the mandatory information sessions will be hosted on Zoom. You only need to attend one of these sessions. Because this is a mandatory session if you are more than 10 minutes late you will not be admitted to the meeting. Our info sessions are held on 11/15 and 11/22. You only need to attend one session. The entrance exam will be held on 12/1 on campus at North Seattle College by appointment only. The details of this will be given at the info session.  

Topic: NSC EMT Winter 2023 - Mandatory Info Session  
Time: November 15th 6:00 pm or November 22nd 6:00 pm 
Meeting ID: 979 3954 9756 
Passcode: NSCEMT 

You will need to register to be a student at NSC but that is free and can be done online. You do not need to register for the info session but you will need to register to North Seattle College prior to the entrance exam. (You should do this early as it can take a couple weeks to get a student ID number also called the ctclink number) We admit to the class based on the entrance exam test score so you will not be able to register for the class until after you have received an acceptance email and entry code. On the website there is an EMT application and EMT Test Proctor Fee Form. Each fee is $35. Details about how to schedule an appointment and pay the $35.00 application fee and $35.00 test proctor fee will be given at the information session.

The entrance exam is 50 multiple choice questions from Emergency Medical Responder curriculum. Though this book is not available in our bookstore it can be easily found online. (our librarian recommends the site below and there are a few copies in the library that can be used on site) If you prefer to not use this text any Emergency Medical Responder or EMT text would be good to study from. The text we base the entrance exam on is Barbara Aehlert, Emergency Medical Responder 2nd Edition. The test comes from Module 2, Module 8 and Chapter 12 which is in module 5, but again, any EMR or EMT text would be good to study from.

Intensive Preparation for Certification Exam*

North’s 12-credit, one-quarter EMT course includes 193 hours of lectures and practice/labs — 40 more hours than required for certification by Washington state. The program is competitive, with 90-130 applicants taking the advanced first aid test each quarter to fill 42 spaces. A lot is expected of you, but as a graduate, you’ll be qualified to take the National Registry Exam to qualify for Washington state certification as well as out of state certification, if you want to work out-of-state. The program is approved by Washington State Emergency Medical Services and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Preparation for the Course

An EMT applicant needs to attend one of the required information sessions and pass the required advanced first aid entrance exam before enrolling in North's program.
The material to study for the entrance exam is Emergency Medical Responder: First Responder in Action, 2nd ed., by Barbara Aehlert, Study modules 2 and 8 and Chapter 12.
Published by McGraw-Hill. Contact North's Bookstore for availability of book. 

Thorough Curriculum

The CPR  (BLS for Healthcare Provider) corequisite course is offered each quarter at North immediately prior to the start of the course.

Expect 18 hours of classes per week — typical schedule is Tuesday evening (5 hours), Thursday evening (5 hours), Saturday (8 hours), and 3-4 hours of additional daily study. There are also 10 emergency room observation hours at Harborview Medical Center during the quarter.

Experienced Faculty

The EMT lead instructors are very experienced, with 50+ combined years teaching and as many years in the field. The 30 lab assistants each have a minimum of 10 years experience in the field and are currently employed as firefighters, paramedics, police officers or on ambulance crews. All are certified in CPR, first aid, and as Competency Based Training (CBT) instructors. The 6:1 student/faculty ratio for hands-on practice skills means lots of attention from instructors.

Modest Investment

Total costs currently are $1,305.53 for tuition and fees ($185.28 tuition + $1,100 college self-support lab fee + $15 medical malpractice professional liability insurance + $5.25 online courseware support fee), approximately $214 for books, and $100 for supplies and materials.

North Seattle College's Emergency Medical Technician program meets the educational requirements for licensing/certification in the State of Washington only.
North Seattle College has not determined if the Emergency Medical Technician curriculum meets the educational requirements for licensing/certification in any other state.

Program lengths are estimates, not guarantees. For the most current program information, please check with the program contact.