Associate Controls Specialist Apprenticeship

What is the Associate Controls Specialist Apprenticeship?

Workers in this occupation must understand the design, installation, and operation of mechanical systems, controls systems, low-voltage electrical circuits, motors, and pumps.  Where the term “troubleshoot” is used it is limited to work on the building automation system and will not involve installation, replacement or repair work on any of the underlying mechanical systems, low-voltage electrical circuits, motors, and pumps.

This apprenticeship provides a career pathway into facility operations, engineering and controls contracting occupations as represented in the following illustration. 

career pathway

Each apprentice enrolls in related instruction (RSI) classes at a Committee approved school, community college or vocational and technical institute for 144 hours per year during the term of apprenticeship. Apprentices are not paid for time in which the apprentice is receiving classroom instruction.

Apprentices that are granted credit for prior learning or work experience may be excused from attending specific portions of RSI training at the discretion of the Committee. Apprentices seeking credit for prior learning must demonstrate the same knowledge, skills, and abilities as apprentices who have completed the portion(s) of RSI for which credit is requested

Selection Procedures:  

The procedures for application and selection to a registered Associate Controls Specialist apprenticeship are as follows:

  1. Individuals must first be employed by an employer that is a registered Training Agent under Washington State Controls Specialist Apprenticeship Committee (the “Committee”).   The applicants are to be selected by the individual employers in accordance with customary and established policies.  
  2. Persons selected as apprentices by a Training Agent and who provide verification of the minimum qualifications can apply to the Committee to participate in the apprenticeship program.
  3. Applicants will be informed of their rights and responsibilities under the standards of apprenticeship established for the occupation and then required to sign an apprenticeship agreement and associated documents.

Minimum Qualifications to apply:

Associate Controls Specialist applicants will be at least 18 years of age.

Education: Associate Controls Specialist applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent or enrolled in an equivalent credit recovery program.

Physical: Must be able to meet the requirements of the occupation, with or without reasonable accommodations.

Participating Training Agents (Employers) 

Acceptance into the apprenticeship program requires employment with a program Training Agent employer.  The listed Training Agents are committed to your sustained employment and success during your apprenticeship journey.  You can contribute to your success by applying yourself to achieving the stated competency objectives, approaching challenges with a positive attitude, progressing towards graduation and being a team player. 

Current Participating Training Agents (Employers) are: 

ATS Automation, 
Johnson Controls, 
LONG Building Technologies, 
MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions, 

What to Do 

Research the companies. 
Make your interest known to your target employer.  
Prepare your resume and send to the below contact. 

Where to Send Your Resume 

Associate Controls Specialist – Training Coordinator 
Melanie Danuser, Director of Education & Training for Smart Buildings Center 

The Interview Process - What to Expect 

  • Your resume and accompanying materials will be distributed to the Training Agents as received.  
  • Training Agents will contact candidates to schedule interviews. 
  • Candidates may receive contacts from multiple Training Agents. 
  • Allow 5 to 8 weeks to complete the interview process. 

Contact Information

Lorena Hernandez, Apprenticeship Program Manager
Phone: 206-934-6114