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Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes detail the knowledge, skills and abilities that you as a student will demonstrate upon successful completion of your program.

Visual Arts 

• Analyze and assess the global or local connections between society and the arts (how the arts are a reflection of   society and how the arts influence societal change). 

• Develop analytical and critical responses to works of art within these contexts:  a) peer- or self-review of new work and/or b) critical analysis of works within their historical, cultural, and artistic contexts.

• Engage in the arts, making use of the creative, analytic, and critical processes to communicate ideas artistically and enrich the quality of life.

    Associated Degrees

    Associate of Fine Arts Degree: Art


    Candidates for the Associate of Fine Arts degree in Art must complete a minimum of 100 credits of college transfer-level courses (numbered 100 or greater) with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. At least 15 credits must be earned at NSC. The last quarter must be completed at NSC.

    Required Courses

    The AFA in Art requires successful completion of the following specific courses:

    Certificate in Fine Arts: Art


    CFA candidates must complete 85 credits college-level courses (numbered 100 or greater) with a minimum GPA of 2.0. At least 15 credits must be earned at NSC, and the final quarter must be completed at NSC.

    Some art courses are offered only once a year, so students should consult with their adviser and plan accordingly:

    • Fall quarters: ART251

    • Winter quarters: ART252, ART112, 

    ART205, ART206, ART207

    • Spring quarters: ART253, ART101, 

    ART112, ART205, ART206, ART207

    Certificate in Fine Arts: Jewelry Design (CJD)


    Candidates for the CJD must complete 60 credits of college-level courses (numbered 100 or greater) with a minimum GPA of 2.5. The required jewelry classes (25 credits) must be taken at NSC.

    At the completion of the required courses, the students must exhibit their work either on campus or at an approved venue. This should be a solid body of work expressing their mastery of materials. Final approval and recommendation to award the CJD rests with the art faculty.

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