Physics Provides Foundation for Many Careers

Physics classes at North fulfill several distinct needs for students.

Our algebra-level series — General Physics I, II and III — is both a prerequisite for higher level courses and the required series for many career choices both at North and at 4-year schools, including architecture, premed, biology, construction management, electronics, EET, physical therapy and nanotechnology.

The more math-rich, calculus based-series — Engineering Physics I, II and III — is designed especially for engineering and physics majors, giving you excellent preparation for transfer to a 4-year program, with or without a degree.

We also offers Physics for Non-science Majors, which satisfies AA degree requirements.

Strong Faculty & Flexible Scheduling

North’s physics faculty members have strong credentials — PhDs or master’s degrees — and are focused on creating learning opportunities in the classroom rather than on research. Faculty represent a range of teaching styles, from those who prefer a traditional math approach to those who prefer a multi-representational/more hands-on approach.

Students, including those coming from 4-year schools, appreciate our small classes and scheduling flexibility, with hybrid classes in some sections as well as traditional on-campus courses and both day/evening classes. Tutors are always available at the Math Tutoring Center.

Facilities are excellent, including the college computer lab, well-equipped physics lab, and a uniquely designed lab/lecture classroom where lectures occur in the same room with the equipment.

Physics Department

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